Roland Garros: Felipe VI: “Nadal is the king of Roland Garros and he is the king of tennis”


Mallorcan lifted his fourteenth Roland Garros and social networks were flooded with congratulations for his 22 Grand Slam titles.

King Felipe VI congratulates Nadal.
King Felipe VI congratulates Nadal.@casarial
  • Roland Garros Nadal takes a lesson against Roode and wins his fourteenth title and twenty-second Major in Paris
  • Musketeers Cup Rafa Nadal, crushing rivals of all signs in his 13 finals

Rafael Nadal has been declared champion of Roland Garros for the fourteenth time and continues to extend his reign to the top of Grand Slam titles, of which he already has 22 (two more than Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer),

His work has flooded social networks with messages of congratulations best tennis player of all time, Representatives from all walks of society have received praise from both allies and politicians, without forgetting that Nadal agrees with practically everyone.

King Philip VIPhilippe Chattier, present in the game, remarked after the game what he had said to Rafa. He said, “I have congratulated him, I have thanked him and how wonderful. Obviously he is seen saying that I had a bad time, this is a great personal victory.”

Amid chants of “Long Live the King” and “Long Live Spain” from the public, the monarch said he hopes the tennis player’s left leg will allow him to continue competing for a long time. “Of course you can see if you want,” said the king. “Spain thanks him and he has had to honor him for many years throughout history. As they say here, he is the king of Roland Garros and he is the king of tennis”.

marco asensioThe striker for Real Madrid, a team of which Nadal has been declared a follower, was one of the first to congratulate Nadal.

The club didn’t want to wait too long And soon his Twitter account turned to the Spanish tennis player.

Rindy from “Simplified Incredibles”, Carlos AlcarazuSpanish tennis player called to take over.

citizens leaders, ins arimadasHaving been one of the first politicians to join the wave of recognition, he highlighted that “he is a historic and unapologetic athlete and has stunned the world once again because only he knows how to do What a pride”.

government chairman, Pedro SanchezHasn’t been far behind and a few minutes after the end of the final he tweeted that “the best tennis player in history is called Rafa Nadal and he’s Spanish”.

One of the most active state security bodies in social networks national police, His community manager was very attentive to the match point that Nadal took over the line of the doubles hall. give to publish,

For his part, the chairman of PP, alberto nez-feejohas highlighted that Nadal is “an example of struggle and improvement, enhancing his legend with another resounding victory at Roland Garros today”.

“King of the Earth” (translated from clay soilclay or clay), that simple and that eloquent is the message of the Roland Garros account, which has seen him lift 14 Musketeers cups and remembers there is no final lost,

“you are the best”, It has the drawback of putting “and period”. no one would be surprised if Isabelle Diaz AyusoThe President of the Community of Madrid must have ended her tweet like this.

From Champion to Champion Although he is not going through his best moment due to injuries, Pilot Marc Marquez He has left his compliments on the network. Surely seeing Nadal pick up another cup with a broken leg bone will certainly encourage him to fix his arm and get back on the winning track.

One of the most beloved tennis players on the circuit, Juan Martin del PotroDidn’t let Nadal get distracted from dedicating a few words. Del Potro’s career would undoubtedly have been different had the Argentinian injury not hit so hard.

So that this achievement is surrounded by data that confirms the unbelievable and irreversible experienced today, Mr. Chip Leave a note—or two—of yours.

The next Grand Slam tournament will be played at Wimbledon later this month. Nadal will not participate, as he will have to recover well from the tour on land and study the calendar thoroughly. Also, there is a reason why ATP points will not be distributed this year due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. but Those who await the Balearic Islands with open arms, organizers of the US OpenWhere Nadal has won four times (dedicated to those who say he only wins on clay).

The number 14 is so new to Madrid’s memory that it is logical that more ‘merengue’ players have taken advantage of the opportunity. Continue with Party of Champions, Vinicius, Modric …

A legendary racquet champion, this time at Badminton, has also been seen on Twitter citing a huge 22 and Julio Cesare. Caroline Brown has shown that injuries are just a stop on the road to gaining speed.

More Madridists in celebration, this time from the basketball team. The whites are represented by Rudy Fernandez and Sergio Lul.

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