Roland Garros: Moy: “Every game he saves, Nadal becomes a new player”


The coach didn’t have it all during the semi-finals, but he is confident that his player will do well against Roode tomorrow.

Moy, at left, watches Nadal’s match against Zverev.yoan ​​valatiEFE

After training on Court Seven, close to 30 degrees, with Stand Full, Charles Moy Appeared in the Spanish media on the eve of Nadal’s fourteenth final at Roland Garros, against whom he will play this Sunday casper rudd, Coach starts odd semi-final match against assessment Alexander Zverev, “The loop is curling. A win, not in the way desired. A bit awkward, first because of the track conditions, a lot slower than expected and then because of the opponent, who started very well. It was tough for Rafa. Adjust the game to those conditions. Then, to throw the pike. And Zverev’s misfortune”.

Nadal recognized after the meeting that he had delicate moments on the physical plane. “I gave him a bit of a jolt. Usually he’ll get over these situations. I had a rival who, while a little erratic, doesn’t let you do much when he’s good. Honestly, I have those All were not. With me. You always expect Rafa to pick something that is not, but the situation was not easy. Every game he saves is a change in the other player. This leads us to believe that he is the opposite can overcome the circumstances”.

Moy considers his next opponent to be one of the few experts left on the surface. “I will tell you that Rudd is the tennis player with the most ground games on the circuit. It is a sport that is on the verge of extinction, after the balls, the courts have become unified. We have all-terrain tennis players, and He’s a little out of it.” We will see a backcourt fight with long exchanges”.

“He’s always recovering well”

However, it seems clear that her status as a newborn may be taking a toll on her. “It’s not the easiest place to make that first Grand Slam final. Historically, meeting someone who’s super concentrated isn’t usually easy. But I prefer to rely on Rafa more. I say it I will not tire. This is Roland Garros. This is Rafa Nadal. And to death.”

And he is confident that Nadal will return to his full potential beyond his old injury to his left leg. “Physically, he recovers. I would worry a little more on fast courts. Historically, he has always recovered well from games. He will rest well and I don’t think he will be a hindrance “

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