Roland Garros: Nadal: “I don’t know what will happen after the tournament”


The Spaniard said he would talk about his physical condition when the competition is over, but he has come to Paris to “leave everything behind”.

Nadal beat Djokovic
Nadal beat DjokovicChristophe AnnaAP
  • mold Nadal beats Djokovic in a brisk early morning and meets Zverev in the semifinals

“The crowd has been showing amazing behavior since the tournament started. They probably know I won’t be here any more often. It’s been an unforgettable night,” he said. Rafael Nadal A few minutes after completing his victory against Novak DjokovikEmphasizing the speech starting several weeks.

The Spaniard did not want to delve into the ways with which he is treating a chronic injury to his left leg and which has allowed him to win two games in a row over four hours. “Talk when the tournament is over. I don’t know what will happen after the tournament, but we have come here to drop everything. Now is not the time for many clarifications, I have what I have on my foot and nothing can fix it at the moment. We will look for solutions, but at the moment there is none,” he dropped.

“We have a lot of history together. it’s always an exciting match When I play against Djokovic and everything I’ve done over the past few months makes it even more special”, he commented on the value of defeating Djokovic, clarifying that “it was only about the quarter-finals”. .

“It’s a few balls in these matches, but I think if you look at the four hours, I dominated for more minutes. The problem is that the second set ended in a double. break, This has been my best game in the last four months, but my lack of habit of playing like that has left that set.”

he attached great importance to Philippe Chattier When he needed it the most, at the time to get the best of himself. ,There’s something unique about this track, When I needed it the most, I’ve taken a level I didn’t have. 2015 onwards [cuando perdi en tres sets ante Djokovic, tambin en cuartos de final] This was the year the least favorite came out before him. It was a huge challenge, and achieving it means a lot and gives me vital energy.”

1 in the world and the title defender was in great demand before. “There are days when you have no choice but to play at that level of aggression and although it is more difficult to execute, the self-demanding makes it easier for you to give in to that level.” To end, he again referred to the audience. “It’s been great over the years. He appreciates the history I put in this tournament and the effort I put in all these years.”

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