Roland Garros: Nadal overcomes brave Auger-Aliasime opposition to play Djokovic in quarter-finals


They won the most demanding match of the tournament in four hours and 21 minutes, 3-6, 6-3, 6-2, 3-6- and 6-3.

Nadal celebrates a point against Auger-Aliassim.
Nadal celebrates a point against Auger-Aliassim.Christophe AnnaAP
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Much more demanding than in his previous three matches, Rafael Nadal had to reach all five sets, but he showed up against ninth-seeded Felix Auger-Aliassim, which he won 3-6, 6-3, 6-2, 3- defeated by 6. And in 6-3, four hours and 21 minutes, it is ready to take on the biggest challenges. Next Tuesday, he will face defending champion Novak Djokovic in the quarter-finals. The Serbian maintained the formidable tone he has been displaying throughout the tournament and won the event 6-1, 6-3, 6-2, 3-6 in two hours and 15 minutes to reach the event immaculate. Djokovic, who dominates 30-28 in an aggregate clash with Nadal, defeated him in the semi-finals last year, but lost seven out of nine appearances with him in this tournament, and in 11 of 19 occasions, he had a one-off. saw the other. on the soil,

Auger-Aliassim is a player in sustainable development. Until this edition, they had not made it past the first round in Paris. It has done so, reaching the Round of 16, in a season where Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Estoril and Rome have quarter-finals. Toni Nadal was finally at Roland Garros. He chose a neutral zone by placing himself in the officers’ box, next to Gilles Moreton, the president of the French Union. The fact that he works with Canadians since April last year, having done so with his nephew until 2017, had aroused logistical interest.

The Spaniard had a hard time adapting to his opponent’s game, finding the reverse. The sharp, athletic, Auger-Aliasime, who won his first title this year in Rotterdam after winning the ATP Cup with Canada, managed to hit an inverted forehand and dominate the points at the start of the match. Nadal did not take advantage of three balls break He was in the third game and then lost his serve in an uncertain game, where he sent two long forehands. He was able to get it back, but the Canadian went 0-40 and went 4-1 in the first quarter. The left-hander didn’t start well: in six matches he made 14 unforced errors, two more than in the entire third-round match against Moutet. Auger-Aliassim was going 5-1. The first set went to him, who won three straight points on his serve and seized his second chance.

a steady pulse

Buoyed by his excellent serve, which he executes brilliantly, especially as he drives it wide, the Canadian held the pulse until the eighth game of the second set, where he conceded a break that equalized a set. made.

An exceptional defense at the start of the third set gave the Spaniard an advantage. Auger-Aliassim missed a shot after several returns from the Spaniard in a boundary line position. It was a turning point that created a reaction that seemed certain. But the Montreal tennis player didn’t lower his arms even with one of the two sets, which was unfathomable all afternoon. He got two consecutive breaks and was 4-1 in the fourth. He used to occupy the set taking the match to the limit.

With several hours to fly, for this type of position, Nadal leveled up in the final set, breaking through in the eighth game of fifth and defending his serve to take a position where he had hoped. The bravery and courage that helped him win 21 majors in Paris, inspired him to win 13 majors. It didn’t matter that he lacked filming and had doubts about his physical problems. This time he will face Novak Djokovic in the quarterfinals. Oh no problem

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