Roland Garros: Paula Badosa: “I have to get rid of social networks. They do a lot of damage”


The Spaniard, world number three, admitted that she would like to face Roland Garros “less exposed and more sober”, while admitting that she should not have played the clay tournament.

Paula Badosa, during a promotional act on This Tuesday.
Paula Badosa, during a promotional act on This Tuesday.EFE
  • Roland Garros Nadal is already training at Manacor and will travel to Paris this Wednesday

Five days before the start of Roland Garros, Paula Badosa assured that she would like to reach the less exposed Paris tournament than now, being one of the best rackets on the circuit, ranked number three in the WTA rankings.

“I haven’t arrived the way I want to, I want to arrive less exposed and with more peace of mind. But it’s a price to pay. I would have turned to not playing the tournament on this land tour, I won’ which Say it. But I come prepared, I’ve done a great job”, hints

,I am very ready physically and mentally. Mentally, I would have liked to come a little quieter. But it’s a Grand Slam, we all have our nerves on edge and this is the one who manages it best,” she added at the event where she was presented as the new forecapilla ambassador.

In this sense, he analyzed his favorite position: “Playing as a favorite is never easy. Play with nothing to lose rivals and level up, This is another challenge that I am about to take up and I look forward to facing. “It’s a very emotional tournament for me, it means a lot. I won junior there, I went to see the first Grand Slam when I was nine. I have so many beautiful memories and I really like it.” I would like to do well.”

Badosa reached the appointment after playing in Madrid and Rome: “Obviously I have felt the pressure in those tournaments, some more than others. I think he arrived with so many games played, maybe he needed to play a little less, This is my first year, with this all new, with many experiences from which I am learning.”

On how he manages to garner more attention, he declared: “It depends on the day. It’s something that has come on suddenly, a year ago I was 70 and a year later I was two years old.” It’s been a huge jump, something I don’t know.” You hope or you wait. I have always believed that I can do good things in tennis, but I did not expect it to happen overnight and it is not easy to carry.,

“I’m So Exposed And I’m Learning To Manage It”

“Now I’m so exposed, every game you play people expect you to win. It’s not normal. It’s hard to handle and I’m learning to manage it.” I’m going to take it with my team, with professionals. I hope you manage it better“, gross.

All this leaves lessons for him: “The first thing I learned is that I had to remove myself from social networks., They do a lot of damage, because in the end it’s too easy for people to talk without being inside. I do my best at my job and it is very easy to be constantly judged on the outside. Talking about things, expressing how I feel all the time, has also helped me.”

Despite everything, he seems to be enjoying it: “It’s been years of sacrifice, my whole life with a clear goal, training every day to achieve it. The position I am in now is a dream come true, many years of battles and victories,

The player also confirms that she is alert if she suffers an episode of depression again: “The fear of going back into depression is always there, if I say no, it would be a denial of reality., “Mentally, the head is always going over the limit. There are times when the head is saturated, there are more moments of tension or anxiety. That’s always the case in tennis. But luckily I have a good environment that’s good enough.” I let this happen to me as much as possible,” he said.

On the other hand, I observed that her figure inspires other women: “I think it is very important to tell women empowerment, It is growing a lot and it is very important to increase that feminine part. There is nothing stronger than a strong and powerful woman.”

“It’s a pleasure trying to inspire women, trying to see myself reflected in me. My career has never been perfect and I think it’s normal, we’re not perfect or robots. It helps to see, however there are difficulties, you can reach success and victory”, he said.

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