Roland Garros: Rafa Nadal crushes rivals of all signs in his 13 finals

was the most frequent Roger FedererJoe appeared in the final match four times: 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2011, with one set as the biggest prize in three of them. Novak Djokovik, That he was able to beat him in the 2015 quarter-finals and in the final semi-final, he spent three years in the last port, almost ending in 2020. casper rudd (3:00 PM, Eurosport) Will be the eighth player to attempt what he considers to be the biggest challenge for an athlete: beat Nadal on clay at Roland Garros and do so in the final, where the Spaniard remains spotless.

There are 13 titles on what is now the third Sunday in Paris, which could add up to 22 Grand Slam titles today, and two more than Federer and Djokovic. ,This is Nadal and this is Roland Garros. I won’t get tired of repeating it. End to death”, commented Carlos Moy this Saturday After two weeks of tournament training held on 7 courts under the brightest sun. The stands are full, as always when the world number five is seen in a practice session today.

Witnesses include his parents, his sister maribeland his cough Raphael You Michelangelo, Down in the sand, moy, Francis Roigo You Mark LepezzoThree of their coaches, with the latter recently retired from competition, served as sparring partners. Very close, sometimes like the shadow of the player, his doctor, ngel Ruiz-Kottoro, a key figure in understanding how he has once again fallen into very delicate physical conditions.,

Roode, a Major’s final debutante, joins a group of brave men who, more or less persevering, tried to discuss the Cup with Nadal, who has won 112 matches on these courts and lost only three. , both were mentioned earlier. Djokovic and 2009’s Round of 16 vs. Robin Soderling,

From the style of play, may be the same as in Oslo Dominic ThiemWho tried in vain against Raja in the finals of 2018 and 2019. “I’ll tell you that Roode is the tennis player with the most ground games on the circuit. It’s a style that tends to be extinct after it’s gone. Integrated balls, courts. We’ve got players from all-terrain players, and he’s a little bit out of that. Turns out, though he moves well fast, as he showed with the Miami final. We’ll see the fight behind the court, with long exchanges,” added Nadal’s coach.

thiem’s ​​play

US Open winner Thiem of the same course is now 189th after finishing third in the world at the age of 28 in March 2020. His last match was won against him. marten fuscovix Last year in Rome. Shortly after, he suffered a serious injury to his right wrist while playing against him. Adrian Mannarino in Mallorca. After nine months off the slopes, in his reappearance he has lost all six games he has played.,

Argentina Marion Dorr, Nadal’s rival, Swede Robin Soderling, whom he defeated in 2010, in his first final in Paris in 2005, and David FerrerHis rival in 2013, has long been hanging on to his racket. stan wawrinka, the 37-year-old, 2017 runner-up, had returned three months ago after more than a year off due to two operations on his left leg. The winner of the United States Open and the US Open, he is today ranked 263rd in the rankings.

Nadal, who turned 36 on Friday and Can become the oldest champion of the tournament, He is seeing that those who tried to challenge him in the final either dropped the red leaf or entered into very delicate situations. Roger Federer, who will turn 41 on August 8, hasn’t played since the quarter-finals of last Wimbledon and has only played 20 games in the last two and a half courses. After two knee operations, he has announced his return to Basel at the end of October. It is not clear whether to make a last-ditch effort to stay in the competition or say goodbye.,

No one resists quite like Rafael Nadal, who has made a fortress in an effort to prolong his career at Roland Garros, now seriously in danger from a chronic injury to his left leg. Moy acknowledged his concern during the semifinal match, saying, “Every game he saves is a change in the other player. This gives us confidence that he can overcome adversity.” animalsWhere his disciple showed signs of fatigue. One way or another, pulling off the repertoire, spirit or craft, Nadal, who passed the first three rounds with great authority, has been planted where he wanted. Winner of this season’s Australian Open, the ATP 500 in Acapulco and the ATP 250 in Melbourne, as well as a finalist in the Masters 1000 at Indian Wells, he has been able to circumvent all the traps of luck to try to win back. Title in Paris today. And tomorrow, God will say.

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