Roland Garros: Rafa Nadal seeks respect for Bruguera amid doubts about Davis captain


Some tennis players believe that the situation is inconsistent with the Catalan’s new role as mentor to German Alexander Zverev.

Sergi Bruguera during a Davis Cup match.
Sergi Bruguera during a Davis Cup match.EFE
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new role of Sergi Bruguera as an adviser to the German Alexander Zverev Spanish tennis is divided. Some voices, which are shrouded in oblivion for now, rise to point out that the role is incompatible with that of Davis Cup captain.

After debuting at Roland Garros, Rafael Nadal He confirmed that last Saturday he attended a meeting with other Davis tennis players in Paris to clarify what each has about the captain’s position.

“Complicated Situations”

Mallorcan recorded him in the normalcy of the team, which he said, everyone’s voice is always heard before making a decision about the captain. Nadal recognized “complicated situations a few days ago” and said he would “have to see where the shots were going”, though he did not give more details.

He limited himself to demanding respect for the captain: “Sergi Bruguera is a professional, part of the history of our sport. Whatever the decision, he deserves respect”. From there, the Spaniard assured that “all opinions are valid, understandable and respectful” but pointed out that “everything should be done in dialogue with allies.”

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