Rosa López: “It was time to have someone at Eurovision who represents all the power of Spain”


Granada Women still have their best result in the past two decades, despite the fact that at the time it was experienced as a defeat because of expectations.

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Rosa Lopez celebrates 20 years of her time at Eurovisionefe
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A young and inexperienced person has had 20 years Rosa Lopez (Granada, 1981), recently Operation Triumphput Estonia and all of Europe to dance with him Europe’s Life A Celebration, Two decades of mass madness invaded a country that saw itself winning Eurovision and despised seventh place, which was never repeated. Maybe till today.

After 20 years, what is your memory of what you experienced?
In addition to the brutal feeling of representing Spain, I like to be very devoted to the country. That was a different Spain, far less demanding than it is now. Every year it is more and in such a situation everything falls on the channel. I am waiting for him to do something wonderful because we already deserve it.
There was a lot of pressure on you to win, was the demand really low?
I myself put the pressure on, but it was magical to be in a very troubled country to see my parents cry. The whole of Spain thought we were going to win in 2002, but now there is more demand because we compare everything and the bar is too high.
Imagine talking about the channel now with insults on the network and others.
I’m facing this at the age of 41, but I won the lottery 20 years ago by participating. People now see us as a stereotype. I just spoke to the channel about it, that at the top is your essence. To the people I was chubby, victoriousEurovision… But above all he is the person.
Do you think it has increased?
We live in a very demanding and bastard society in which everything is demanded of you. But the channel is doing great because you as an artist couldn’t be more diligent and more beautiful. I don’t know anyone in Spain what she does on stage.
But you, who have followed the same path as Chanel, do you think everything she has had to do seems unfair?
Sometimes the public demands a lot, but I think she handles it very well because she works hard and is such a fighter that although there are hate-filled people on the network, she doesn’t care. We live in a society where there is a lot of lightness in giving an opinion and sometimes without any criteria. She is working hard, she is focused on representing our country and she is taking this issue forward as God wills.
Do you see a winning option?
I hope I am not mistaken, but I will say that we will be in the top six. I think Ukraine, whatever is happening, will be in first or second place, but Chanel has driven all the countries crazy with her clothes, her dance and her voice. All that Spain is, it is powerful, it was the time of someone who represents it, that we always fall short of.
As with you, have the Spaniards reconnected with Eurovision this year?
It is such that after many years we believe we can win, even if there are many very good actors. In the end, we live what is left of us, and must live it to the fullest.

Knowing what you know now, will you be Spain’s candidate for Eurovision again?
If I were 21, I would do it with my eyes closed. i was full and i really wanted to celebrate with my Europe’s Life A Celebration, Imagine I came from singing since the age of 13 and went on to represent my country by winning OTs, which was unimaginable.
And now would you value it for the future?
To this day I have not been able to present myself, at the age of 41 I have already overcome it. Not because it was bitter, but because the competition is good when you are just starting out and you want to improve yourself day by day through others; Now I just want to mend love with myself.
It inspired you to live with a lot of pressure. was it worth it?
Of course it was worth it, today I am a freelance artist and for that I am on my ninth album. It was worth it because I’ve become a strong and empowered woman heading off to her ninth album and starting another tour in June.
What do you think of when you see that his 2002 theme is still trending everywhere?
I feel so loved because he was born in 2002 and despite the fact that we don’t live in one of the best European conditions, I think music is the best way to cross barriers and think about those things. good way. make us better That’s why I will always wear it and sing out loud that Europe is experiencing a celebration.

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