Rosala’s ‘Motomi’ is the best album of the year so far


,sexy, intelligent and utterly sensational singer”, say Anglo-Saxon critics of Rosala. Most agree that her album is and will remain the best in this 2022


When 2022 comes to an end, lists of the year’s best will start popping up, and it doesn’t take a harp player with a crystal ball to know that. motomamithird album of rosala, be in the highest positions in that classification. The key issue, then, will be anticipating where you will end up in times of tough competition for attention, heightened emotions, and the expiration of the deadline. Publicity crazy. We must ask all fans to remain calm, as things are looking good, explaining Florentino. And if you’re the critic, be prepared to rage more.

If we stick to the meter with more reliability, the web metacritic -which unanimously establishes its ranking, contrary to Spanish policy-, we can also bet heavily that Rossala could be crowned as the best performer of the exercise in December. After May—one of the months, along with October, in which most of the important releases are concentrated—, motomami ranked first in Anglo-Saxon criticism: accumulates a score of 94 out of 100 from 16 critics, all positive, and has 88% approval of the voting public on the web, clearly above the rapper Kendrick LamarR&B star The Weeknd, or indie singer-songwriter Kevin Morby.

The reasons for infatuation are varied. in english newspaper WireCritic Neil McCormick says after cases of – Rosella is the ultimate expression Bad Bunny and J. balvin- The phenomenon of globalization that has broken Anglo-Saxon hegemony among popular tastes, and which has rewarded Korean and Spanish-speaking artists. sexy, smart and a singer absolutely sensational, The Spanish siren Rosala speaks the language of modern pop, and it is not English, maintains the newspaper.

in the magazine Diversity, Jem Aswad says that Rosala is placed at the top of his class. There have been many songs and albums that lie in this line of innovation between pop and hip hop, but we find it hard to think of a single one that revolves around a single singer. such amazing talent, main assets of motomamiFor critics, he would have the courage to seek an international audience and still risk mixing genres while avoiding English, with an experimental background that unifies the confluence between Flamenco, Reggaeton, Hyperpop, Ballads and Trap.

Rosal.  by 'motomami'
Cover of the album ‘Motomi’.s

Julian Escobedo at Pitchfork says it’s strange to hear an album that’s so experimental, that wants to span so many genres and that wants to play with forms, and that’s what it ultimately achieves. motomami A 8.4 -How much the web demands, it’s a lot-, in addition to the label of Best new music.

In another important portal,, collaborator Thom Jurek explains that the Rosala fits into the aesthetic like a glove, which is defining the moment little by little. a positive attribute of life in the 21st century There has been a rapid disintegration of cultural divisions. The idea of ​​duality is giving way to more fluid expressions of identity in human interaction and artistic expression. And no album is as excellent as this motomami,

The worst of the reviews recorded on The Quietus website, leaving Rosella with seven, a remarkable high, Even when the album isn’t reassuring, it has never disappointed. So a lot of masterpieces will have to come out in the next six months to jeopardize the top spot.

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