Roslan: “It’s been difficult for me to understand suicide because it didn’t fit my concept of humanity and love of life”


The La Mancha singer discusses the topic of suicide with her song “Hold on to Life”, based on a friend’s depressive problems.

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Singer Roslan at the presentation of her new singleAngel Navarrete

a rosalny (Albacete, 1986) It was difficult to understand what makes a person think about suicide. Her studies in psychology didn’t help her either. until he suffered it in the circle of his trust and a friend struggling with depression put it in front of his eyes, he and one Match of the originators of the Telephone of Hope, which gave birth to hold on to lifeHis latest theme, with suicide as the plot.

Why this flying off topic now?
It has been difficult for me to understand suicide throughout my career because it didn’t fit my concept of humanity and love of life. She was very young and loved to look at other things, but now society talks about it more and it is touching us all closely. I like to indulge in the signs that life gives and this song can be an instrument, although I think I’m already late.

This tool is meant to go over two aspects of a problem that has already become a major cause of mortality among young Spaniards: The raw of the present—yes, of the ghosts living in you, from the cold and dark well from which you can’t get out—or the hope of the future—the illusion may return, different, but it may return, And that’s where Roslan goes, who has just started his tour of Spain and Latin America.

When it comes with a friend who tried to take his own life, how do you deal with the problem?
Since there is so much confidence in my gang, we tend to talk about everything very naturally and we do it with humour, which is very manchego. After her suicide attempt, it was easy to show her that she could tell me what she wanted because I couldn’t judge her. And it has shown me a lot of things that are not at all good to read or tell.
And, at that point, where is that song made from?
Out of anger, from pain, from misunderstanding… When I say with anger that what will I give to take your life, you can not understand that this is happening to them.
There is a tremendous saying that only you can play the role of God.
It is telling someone that they have all the power and are not evil. You have the last word. My fear was causing guilt, but it is positive that they know they are in control.
This is controversial. This has been seen with euthanasia.
In the church they did not bury in the cemetery those who took their own lives. I understand that the phrase generates debate and dialogue, but on a psychological level, to be God is that we are God upon ourselves, because we can decide whether or not we want to take our own lives. Talking is creative.
After going deep into this topic. What do you think of when you look at the suicide statistics in Spain?
They especially affect young people as we all think that this is the best moment of life. Poetry has taught us to be young forever. The biggest misunderstanding happens when someone commits suicide at that time.
Is this a sign that our system…?
This is proof that it is failing, of course it is. It is somewhat broad as it includes education, mental health, social class, poverty, social networks, imposition. This system, where they want us to be perfect and know everything, is a disaster.
Angel Navarrete

In his case, he says the public exposure helped him understand many mental health problems.
I have made the mistake of thinking that networks are the world and are not. Destructive is more attractive, easy, but creative is the majority, although it is not seen as much. Wonderful things happen in the world, but they are not counted and it confuses us. By exposing yourself you learn a lot about life, anxiety and stress. I have learned many more psychology lessons in this job than in my studies.
How do we learn?
along the way. We are creatures and we are environmentally friendly. For example, there are things I just read that are devastating and hardly affect me. But it depends on how you feel. Everyone has to do their best. Not everything is so important.
Is the debate on suicide in Spain more controversial than it is in effect at the moment?
Even if we are just starting to talk about this, we are obviously behind other European countries where institutions and governments have plans to reduce suicide figures. We still have a lot to do, but all the steps being taken are welcome.
I’m going to read you two sentences from your song: Your frozen and withered flowers bloom again.
Oh, I think of my plants that die in the winter and they regenerate in the spring. The illusion returns even when separated. There are flowers that do not regrow, but others have a different light and color. I was wrong here because at first I said everything can come back and it is not. My father is not going to come back and I can’t tell this to anyone, but the illusion may come back at a different stage of my life.
Second: On this shore there is an army that fights with love, without judgment, or blame, or condemnation.
Trust networks are necessary because these people are misunderstood and we only create guilt. The song is meant to say: I don’t understand what’s going on with you, but I’m here, I’ll shut up, I’ll stop lecturing you on morality. Share your pain with me.

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