Royal House ends 2021 with 5.8 million euros in current accounts


This is the conclusion of the report that auditors throw in a comprehensive document of general state intervention. They ended up with a surplus of around 900,000 euros.

Kings in an Act at the Royal Palace
Kings in an Act at the Royal PalaceEFE
  • 2021 The royal family saved 21% after the Don Juan Carlos allotment was withdrawn and had half a million surplus in their accounts
  • budget King Felipe collected €259,000 and Queen Letizia €142,000 in 2022

Casa Real has made public the annual audit audit report issued by the General Controller of State Administrations. A rendering of the accounts maintained by Felipe VI for the seventh year in a row and a 58-page document detailing what each item of his budget has spent. In accordance with the commitment to transparency, a report that was obtained by Don Felipe following his announcement and which is produced by an independent entity.

House of the King received €8.41 million Out of the general state budgets in the year 2021. It was the main source of income for the institution, money which they received through a transfer and ensured that the heads of state carried out their work effectively. After complying with the budget execution, the result of the balance is shown observation budget of 889.316,63 Euro.

In the budget of the Royal House, the most important item is that which is destined internal expenses. Thus, the royal family received a salary of 507,000 euros, while 4 million euros was used to pay senior officials and other officials and staff of the House. current expenditure accounted for 2.7 million euros, while 168,000 euros were allocated contingency fund and 954,000 for a game called . is called actual investment, Once all these expenses have been met, that surplus is reached.

“As of December 31, 2021, the balances in the Treasury Accounts available to the House of HM the King reflect an amount of 5.826.738,66 Euro”, they state in the document. The bulk of that money was deposited in various financial institutions, in the Bank of Spain and also had a portion in foreign currency.

The report also states loan That the House has an amount of 1.21 million euros belonging to various suppliers, which have not been paid within this fiscal year. In addition, the House owes 402.364,19 The euro is due to “advance payments that are eventually assumed by other organizations or institutions”, the report states.

“In our opinion, the attached annual accounts express in all material respects, true image of heritage and the financial position of His Majesty the King’s House”, concludes the audit report.

new changes

about this first accounting report After the Government approved the Royal Decree on the Reconstitution of the House of His Majesty the King. Thus, it is the first to comply with Article 17 of the Royal Decree which was approved by the government on 26 April to support the House’s transparency policies.

Thus, he established by law that the Royal House should publish all information Related to regular accounts on your website. A measure that the institution was already taking, but which has now been supported by the government.

In the above decree, it was also introduced practice audit Zarzuela was ruled by the Court of Auditors instead of the usual state intervention, as has been done in recent years. However, it will not be until 2023 when the practice becomes effective.


The gifts received by members of the royal family this Friday have also been published. Don Felipe entertained the most, with 170 gifts for him compared to 73 for the Queen. Together, the king and queen receive 40 gifts for both of them and two more for the Bourbon Ortiz family. The Princess of Asturias has got 3 gifts for her, 11 to share with her sister and 1 to share with her mother. In the end, Queen Doa Sophia received 3 gifts. In all, 307 gifts for the family.

Since King Felipe VI established that gifts should not exceed protocol usage and customs, and that they are passed on by inheritance, they have become less and less diverse, although there are still some striking ones.

Thus, Don Felipe received a sword from Algeria or a madaru tree and a kit for its care. Queen Letizia, fans, bracelets or hats. Their daughters were entertained with memory games.

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