Russia announced the complete surrender of the Azovstal pavement in Ukraine


The Russian Defense Minister has informed Putin about the “end of the operation and the complete liberation of the plant and the city of Maripol”.

Ukrainian army in a bus
Ukrainian soldiers board a bus after leaving the Azovstal plant.AP
  • Ukraine Azovstal resistance surrenders after running out of ammunition

Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoig on Friday announced the complete surrender of the Azovstal pavement, which symbolizes? Ukrainian resistanceWith the delivery of the last 531 fighters.

Shoig informed Russian President Vladimir Putin about this “The end of the operation and the complete liberation of the plant and the city of Maripol“, the main Ukrainian port on the Azov Sea.

are among the last to surrender Commander of the Ukrainian Nationalist Azov BattalionAccording to a military spokesman, General Gore Konashnakov, whom Moscow regards as “neo-Nazis” and “war criminals”.

i explain that Azov’s commander was evacuated in an armoredeither. Although he did not name the name, it is understood that he was referring to danse prokorenkowho expressed his belief in a video this morning that the defenders are exchange for prisoners of war Russian.

Instead, Russian politicians, including Duma chairman Vyacheslav Volodin, have advocating for them to be prosecuted in Russian territory For its crimes in the Donbs, in addition to the fact that Azov can be declared a terrorist organization in this country.

Russian general did not specify the fate of the fightersHowever, in the past, part of Azovstal’s defenders had been transferred to Russian territory and another to an area controlled by pro-Russian militias in the Donetsk region.

Overall, since last Sunday they delivered 2,439 Ukrainian fightersMostly members of the Azov, but also the military.

“Today, May 20, the last group with 531 fighters surrendered,” Konashkov said.

Shoig also reported this morning 177 civilians evacuated including 85 women and 47 childrenwho for several weeks lay in the catacombs of the metallurgical plant, where hundreds of wounded were barricaded.

On April 21, Putin canceled the order to attack Azovstal to save the lives of Russian soldiers and separatist militias occupying Maripol, although on the condition that “the fly does not pass.”

However, Ukraine condemned that Russian army continues to hammer plant this week

A few days ago the President of Ukraine, Volodmir Zelensky ordered the last defenders of Azovstal to surrender, Since “Ukraine needs its heroes alive”.

The wives and relatives of the sidewalk defenders had approached Pope Francis and the presidents of China and Turkey to mediate their release.

With Maripol’s complete surrender, the victim of a Russian siege whose brutality was condemned by human rights organizationsThe Russian army will now be able to concentrate on the conquest of the entire Donbes.

several thousand dead

According to various sources, more than half the buildings in the city are in ruins, while The death toll in the siege of Maripol could be several thousand,

Kyiv accused the Russian army of tryingr erase all traces of atrocities The city of about half a million people was carried by his troops.

The capture of Maripol by Russian generals since the beginning of the “special military operation” was marked in red, because it is key to open land corridor With the Ukrainian peninsula occupied by Crimea, a plan that Moscow is implementing.

Pro-Russian separatists intent in Donetsk destroy the historic plant Built by Soviet authorities and currently owned by the richest man in Ukraine, Rinat Ajmatov.

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