Russia bombed a school-shelter in Donbso


The center had about 90 residents at the time of the attack, leaving about 60 people missing and only two confirmed deaths.

A cemetery destroyed by shelling in Seversky
A cemetery destroyed by shelling in Severskyyasuyoshi chibaAFP
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It has been a Sunday of surprises but a sad one as well. During the day, Ukraine again cried out for potentially dozens of deaths at a school in the country’s east, which served as an airstrike shelter, and that struck Russia. Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, America’s First Lady met with her Ukrainian counterpart. You Prohibit:The leader of the famous Irish band U2, suddenly appeared in a capital metro station and, according to his words, attended a concert “for peace”.

The tireless musician has spent much of his career clinging to all kinds of reasons: from the memory of the victims of Derry on Bloody Sunday to the fight against famine in Africa, Paul David Hesson never stops raising his voice. Today he did it again. Deadly anthem ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’, sung with guitarist EdgeParticularly frightening are those under the vault of one of the downtown subway stations, which have served as air raid shelters.

“The people of Ukraine are not just fighting for your freedom, you are fighting for all of us who love freedom”bramo Prohibit: During a break, and to the applause of a small audience made up of city residents and members of the Defense Committee. On one stage, with automatic stairs in the background, vocalists and guitarists were joined by local artists such as Taras Topolia, from the band Antitilla, who came from the front and did not even take off their military clothes.

“President Zelensky invited us to play in Kyiv to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine, and that is what we have come to do,” he explained. Prohibit: You Edge Through a trill, immediately after the lesson, in the middle of the afternoon. At the same time, Olenna Zelenska and Jill Biden are set up in a big hug. The meeting, also unexpected, took place in Uzhhorod, a town close to the border with Slovakia.

It was a double surprise. Volodymyr Zelensky’s wife had not appeared before the media since last February 24, the day the Russian offensive began. His whereabouts are unknown. The two women greeted each other at the foot of a school converted into an air raid shelter, in an image that sparked the disaster in the Donbes a few hours earlier. “We understand what it means for the First Lady of the United States to be here during the war,” Zelenska declared with her guest.

The visit by the US president’s wife was a new public display of support from the White House, which plans to approve $150 million in new weapons aid to confront Russia this Monday. A week earlier it was Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi who set foot in Kyiv. On his part, this Sunday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined a pilgrimage of leaders eager to shake hands with Zelensky.

In addition to meeting his counterpart and visiting Irpin, one of the war zones around the capital, Trudeau took advantage of the trip to re-fly his country’s flag in the embassy courtyard, near the famous Maidan Square. Another mostly sad day was the last smile. It is feared that 60 people have been buried under the rubble of a school in the town of Bilohorivka, about 100 kilometers from the Russian-controlled city of Lugansk.

As explained to the newspaper Guardian Serhi Gaidai, the representative of the government in Lugansk, At the time the school was hit by a big-ton bomb, there were about 90 neighbors in the center. about 60 missing, “Unfortunately, they are probably dead,” he said, “because the building collapsed. Furthermore, a bomb is not a missile; its detonation produces extremely high temperatures.” So far only two deaths have been confirmed.

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