Russia cuts electricity supply to Finland


From the Russian company they assure that this remedy is due to “payment problems”.

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Compa Energetica Rusa Inter Rao power supply to Finland Through its subsidiary RAO Nordic Oy, it alleged “problems in receiving payment for the electricity sold”, as reported by Fingrid, the Finnish company that manages the electricity network.

RAO Nordic Oy warned on Friday that it was “forced to suspend imports of electricity from 14 May”. Tension escalates between Russia and Finland The latter announced that it could apply to join NATO following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

RAO Nordic Oy has assured that “it has been importing electricity from Russia into Finland and selling it on the Nord Poole stock exchange for many years”, and stated that the sale since 6 May has yet to be funded. Not credited with. bank account…

“We are hopeful that the situation will improve soon and electricity trade with Russia can resume,” said a subsidiary of the Russian company.

as explained fingerrid In a statement, the amount of electricity imported from Russia is approx. 10% of the country’s total consumption Nordic, so this decision poses no threat to supply.

“Missing imports can be converted into electricity market by importing ms electricity from sweden And partly through domestic production as well,” Reema Pivinen, Fingrid’s vice president of operations, said in the statement.

Inter RAO is the only electricity import and export operator in Russia, and its main customer has historically been Finland.

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