Russia formalizes its departure from the World Tourism Organization


The organization, based in Madrid, will lose Russia as a member after being suspended by its general assembly due to the war in Ukraine.

Spanish minister
Spain’s Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism Reyes Marotto during the biennial meeting of the UNWTO Executive Council.Esther BarrancoEFE
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The Russian government has formalized the departure of this Friday Russia of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), to which they belonged suspended at the end of April for this Military Graves in Ukraine, According to the executive’s legal information portal, Russian Prime Minister Mizal Mishustin has signed the same order.

“Accept the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, coordinated with interested federal agencies, on the withdrawal of the Russian Federation from the UNWTO,” the document said.

Russia was Temporarily suspended on 27th April As one of the members of UNWTO by the General Assembly of the organization at an extraordinary meeting held in Madrid. UNWTO based in Madrid took the decision despite this Russia’s earlier announcement that it was withdrawing from the organization,

This withdrawal will take effect one year after the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received the relevant letter notifying it. Russia’s temporary suspension prevents it from exercising its rights and benefiting from the privileges of UNWTO membership, including attending UNWTO meetings.

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