Russia secedes from Ukraine’s second largest city Kharkov


The ‘New York Times’ cites official Ukrainian sources. If confirmed, it would be one of the biggest setbacks for the Russian Navy in Ukraine.

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A building destroyed by Russian bombs in Zarkov.Sergei KozlovEFE
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Russian army . withdrawing troops from the city jarkovsecond largest city in Ukraineon which it has intensified its bombing in recent days, this Friday the newspaper assured the new York Times,

The newspaper, which cites official Ukrainian and Western allied sources, assures that the Russians have lost their ground in the region. donbsWhere are the self-declared republics of Donetsk You Luganskrecognized by both musk,

well, the Russian army intends to control jarkov To ensure the success of the offensive launched on these two pro-Russian areas. If confirmed, this situation would be one of the “greatest failures” Russia since his retirement from Kyiv last month”, the newspaper highlighted.

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Ukrainian officials believe Kremlin Troops are now likely to be redirected to the southeast, where it is said to be consolidating its forces isiumA city I took over last month.

isiumabout two hours southeast jarkovhas become an important operational center for Russia which is making inroads in the eastern part donbsWhere fighting has been relentless and its forces are assisted by pro-Russian paramilitary groups.

Russia tried in recent weeks to establish a corridor that would allow its troops to advance from the east Ukraine to the peninsula CrimeaWhich I had already attacked in 2014.

To do so, it has doubled down on its offensive. donbs and tries to gain complete control over the port city Mariupolwhere the Ukrainian troops barely retrained, mostly from Azov RegimentProtests entered the pavement facilities azovastal,

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