Russia summons Spanish ambassador to inform about expulsion of several diplomats


Moscow has also expelled officials from the French and Italian embassies.

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Russian Foreign Ministry summons Spanish ambassador to Moscow to communicate List of diplomats and employees of the Spanish delegation who will be expelled from the country, This is another chapter in the Russian response to the expulsion of Russian diplomats in various European countries since April.

On 5 April, the Spanish government announced that it was expelling 25 diplomats and other personnel from the Russian embassy in Madrid on the grounds that they represented Spain’s “Security Threat”, It was also a sign of the rejection of the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine. Since then, the Spanish embassy has feared a response from the Russian government. Already at that time the spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Mara Zazarova, warned that “there will be a similar reaction”.

Russia summons Spanish ambassador to Moscow

The news came first thing in the morning. The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Spanish ambassador to Moscow, Marcos Gomez MartinezTo announce measures with respect to Spanish heritage.

The call comes a day after Russia decided to expel two Finnish diplomats, in response to Finland’s declaration of persona ‘non greta’ – also two members of the Russian embassy – last April.

In a recent parliamentary response, the Spanish government indicated that it was “aware” of the possibility of the expulsion of diplomatic personnel and assured that he was “ready for such a situation”In addition to maintaining close contact and coordination with our European partners”.

French Ambassador to Russia Pierre LevyThe Russian Foreign Ministry was also summoned on Wednesday morning. It is expected that the ambassador will be informed of the expulsion About 40 French diplomats from Russia In response to a similar move by France. In April, employees of the Russian diplomatic mission were expelled from Paris. The Russian embassy protested, and Moscow promised a “symmetric answer”. For this reason, the Ambassador of Italy has also been summoned today.

Russia has already decided to close the consulates of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania in the cities of St. Petersburg and Pskov. In April, Moscow announced the expulsion of staff from the Belgian and Japanese embassies.

The expulsions of employees of Russian diplomatic missions have been carried out by countries such as Germany, Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Slovenia, Spain, the United States, Estonia, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Montenegro, Portugal, Romanian and other countries. , Sweden and Japan.

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