Russian foreign minister denies Putin’s illness


“If the operation [en Ucrania] It takes so long because the Russian military has asked to avoid attacking civilian infrastructure at all costs,” Lavrov said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Russian President Vladimir Putin.AP
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Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergei Lavrov, I defended the good health of the Russian President this Monday, Vladimir Putin, and added that no one in his right mind could “see signs of illness”.

“President Putin appears in public every day. You can see him on the screen, hear his speeches. I don’t think people in their right mind can appreciate the signs of illness in this man,” Lavrov said. Said in a television interview on TF1. and LCI in France.

These claims come after reports and speculation in recent months about Putin’s alleged poor health.

Lavrov defends Russia’s actions in an interview that lasted about 15 minutes Ukraine And emphasized the goal is to “reject” the country and protect the Russian language. Lavrov criticized the actions of the European Union in this crisis and accused it of acting as a vassal of the United States and planning long sanctions before February, when Russian tanks entered Ukraine. .

Asked about the suffering of the Ukrainian population and the deaths of thousands of civilians, Lavrov accused the Ukrainian army and “neo-Nazi battalions”. Use population as a shield To protect military equipment, which according to Russia is its sole purpose. “If the operation takes so long, it is because the Russian military has asked to avoid attacks on civilian infrastructure at all costs,” said Lavrov, who asked the presenter questions about the disastrous state of cities like Maripol. did not answer.

Russia’s goals, according to Lavrov, “are to protect the citizens of the Donbes, demilitarize Ukraine and prevent it from having weapons that pose a threat to Russia. In addition, restore the Russian language and remove the Ukrainian army from the Donetsk and Ukraine regions.” remove”. Lugansk” and the rest of the region where there are people “who do not want to break ties with Russia”, because “it depends on the population”.

For Lavrov, the EU sanctions are “historic” and “showing impotence”, because “Europe is the main loser of this war“. At Macron’s urging to keep discussions with Putin open, Lavrov said that the Russian President accepts requests for communications from around the world. “We hear that Russia has been criticized by EU leaders, without exception, Aggressive language has been charged with aggression. , If behind that language is the will to act on the problems and the causes of the current crisis, we will always be open to discussion.” However, he added that despite the “long relationship of trust” between Macron and Putin, “France remains active. actively equips Ukraine with offensive weapons, and calls for an end-to-end war to defeat Russia.”

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