Russian propaganda warns London faces risk of ‘cannibalism’ from effects of Ukraine war


“(British) journalists have started saying terrible things out loud, reminding their compatriots of the risk of cannibalism”

Russian President Vladimir Putin.
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  • war in ukraine According to British intelligence, “tactical errors” have destroyed the Russian Air Force.

“Cold, famine and cannibalism: London has fallen into its own Ukrainian pit”… TsargradTV channel, owned by the oligarch Konstantin MalofeevLife in the United Kingdom has joined in on pro-Putin propaganda with a misleading report on the cost of the crisis that will undoubtedly enter the history of “fake news”.

There is an article written in “informative” basis The Sunday Times By the famous Top Gear TV presenter, Jeremy ClarksonWhich ironically analyzed the impact of rapid increases in energy, transportation and food prices…

“Politicians say they’re ‘monitoring the situation,’ which means they’re not really doing anything but one day they will have to because people can’t live without warming up, without clothes, or without sex. and they cannot live without food. People eat their neighbors out of hunger.”

Zargrad TV, the closest to America’s ultra-conservative Fox News in Russia, took Clarkson’s warning literally and told it to its captive audience as follows: “(British) journalists have started saying terrible things out loud, Reminding our compatriots of the risk of cannibalism”.

Emphasizing its strict allegiance to the “facts”, the television channel began with a general check on the situation: “Europe is experiencing an explosion in prices, and politicians They are talking about the threat of starvation to the public.”

The headlines then turn to the British Isles, a favorite target of Russian war propaganda… “Things are not going well in the UK. While politicians play with the Ukraine crisis, their own population prepares to starve.” Is”.

“A state of emergency has been introduced in some British cities to deal with food shortages”Exaggeratedly accuses the Russian channel, “feeding” in its own way the Orwellian dystopia of these past three months.

As a countermeasure, the British Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, accused Moscow of “blackmailing” the West with a blockade of Black Sea ports, where more 20 million tonnes of food grains could not be exported Ever since the war started. North Africa and the Middle East are the regions most affected by the “hijacking” of wheat, but with the highest level of inflation in the past 40 years, prices have skyrocketed in Europe.

The cost of living crisis is indeed having a serious impact on British society, even as the Chief Inspector of Police andy cook The officers have been instructed to work carefully in this matter. “Those who steal bread, milk or cheese to eat for the first time”,

More than two million Britons rely on food banks and many find themselves in a position to choose between paying the electricity bill or the shopping cart. but from there “Danger of cannibalism” Russian television still has a long way to go …

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