‘Sacred spider’, surrounded by the captivating eyes of Ali Abbasi


The Swedish-Iranian director, who surprised with “Border” in 2018, is now delivering a magnetic “thriller” that has the power of metaphors that exploit masculinity, femicide and other mishaps of patriarchy.

Activists of the feminist movement 'Les Coleus' carry a banner with the names of 129 women killed by sexist violence in France at a presentation of 'Holy Spider' in Cannes.
Activists of the feminist movement ‘Les Coleus’ carry a banner with the names of 129 women killed by sexist violence in France at a presentation of ‘Holy Spider’ in Cannes.descriptionEFE

Plato was not Iranian. Ali Abbasi, yes. Or at least, in part. He is now a Swedish film director, but his birth forces him to stay from Tehran forever. Plato comes from his view of matters that have an idea. The philosopher was clear that justice is the force and necessity to live peacefully in an idealized way in the Platonic world of beautiful or good ideas. Much debatable is whether even somewhat less abstract concepts of man or water enjoy such a privilege. But what leaves no room for doubt is that things (or sub-things) are as insignificant and filthy as dirt, hair, or for that matter, spilled semen will never reach such a high esteem. And that’s where Abbasi comes in and the star of his film, Today’s Official Class, ‘Holy Spider’To refute the Greek.

‘Holy Spider’‘ is essentially a dirty movie that talks about shit. All this is presented to the audience like a sticky glass from which to see the life of the stained. And from there, his anti-platonic cult, as it is thanks to his casualness, to his desperate gesture between lives that matter at all, that he acquires the exemplary character of what is necessary. Kind of a Platonic idea, but on the contrary. Its strength is none other than forcing the viewer to keep their gaze on it. But not with the intention of shocking or surprising him, but, on the contrary, induced him to observe his deepest part in all its splendor. It sounds awesome. And it is. During his presentation he was selected for the Protest Act Condemning Sexist Violence, this is not a part of his merit.

The film is based on a real incident, which happened in Iran in 2001. Saeed Hanei murdered 16 prostitutes in the holy city of Mashhad for being deemed “unclean”, The subsequent trial caused much uproar because of the sheer magnitude of the events, and here most hilariously, the fascination generated by the criminal in a section of the population suddenly turned into a hero, a soldier of the Holy War. The director says that everything related to the case drove him crazy to such an extent that it practically paralyzed him. Years passed and he became a filmmaker in a cold, clean and distant country so that a fresh look from afar would allow him to return to the scene of every single crime.

The film is presented in front of the audience as ‘Ek’.Thriller‘ Classic wind. His only characteristic in regards to the ideal is his willingness to reach every detail, even beyond humility. And from there, from an almost subtle angle, depict the entire universe. The camera moves with the killer who drives around the city on his motorbike in search of his victims and at night what seems like a malignant tumor growing to the depths of his gaze. Dirt is not to provoke, but to reflect as if it were a mirror of every accident of a poisonous soul. A description: The harshest scene with a plane of dried semen on a prostitute’s face will be cut in certain areas.

structured in two parts, ‘Holy Spider’ It walks on the edge of a cliff like a sleepwalker in the mind of the killer. It impresses, disturbs and sometimes hypnotizes. When, thanks to the work of a journalist, he is captured, a public trial will reveal that the disease which was thought to be a case of the sick mind is, in fact, a problem for all. The filth of society (a vowel between one word and another) is related to Iran and any corner of the world. In fact, there is talk of surrounded women, of misogyny, of masculinity, perhaps of patriarchy. And so the director’s reverse platitude: The ending really had an idea for shit.

Let the director do it again. Yes ‘Limit‘, his dazzling work from 2018 with ‘Had a Fantastic Story’trolls’ The camouflage between those who suddenly turned into a story about immigration and acceptance of what is different, now the tantra is the same. A ‘thriller’ of serial killers and clueless cops, the idea of ​​the idealized metaphor of all possible forms of masculinity acquires action and exemplary nature. Plato was certainly not Iranian.

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