SailGP’s “Madness”, Sailing Revolution: “It’s Like Steering a Plane on Water”


Medalist Jordi Zaimar in Tokyo is the captain of the Spanish boat in the new Formula 1 at Sea. “We flew in a bug that weighs two and a half tons over the ocean at about 100 km/h”

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Spanish SailGP Team.SailGP

“Riding this boat is the most extreme thing I’ve ever done in my life,” he says. jordi zammer And the statement in one’s mouth won’t be much, but Zammer, apart from winning a medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, has won everything: He helped the victims of the Indonesian tsunami in 2018, he saved a semiconscious last year passenger in the Sierra Nevada. .. “Actually, as a SailGP I have experienced nothing,” he repeats.

And don’t exaggerate. SailGP is outrageous. It’s a sailing competition for countries that use billionaire’s money. Lawrence J Ellison, Oracle’s co-founder, has taken the Formula 1 show overboard. There are no small boats plying several kilometers from the coast. There are planes practically skidding on the beach here. With only two seasons in and a pandemic in between, the competition has managed to bring together the world’s best sailors and a broader calendar: this year’s tour of Bermuda—where the season began on a Sunday—in Chicago, Plymouth, Copenhagen, St. – Tropez, CDZ – In September – Dubai, Christchurch and San Francisco. The boat that wins will win a million dollars: in the first two editions it dominated Australia.

But… how different is the SailGP boat?
We say it’s sailing because we go by boat, but… it’s unbelievable. We fly into a bug that weighs two and a half tons, measures 50 feet [unos 15 metros] And it reaches about 100 km/h over the sea. It is like riding an airplane over water. The hardest thing is to do the distances because in an Olympic boat you go about 10km/h and here, imagine that. Without realizing it you reach the buoy and you cannot stop.

At just 28 years old, Jordi Zaimer is Spain’s boss after two erratic seasons. Team’s first boss, New Zealander Phil RobertsonThe young Spanish Olympian-turned-crew didn’t have a good relationship with the crew, and it all ended in the worst possible way. “They’re a bunch of kids,” Robertson said on camera before leaving, and the natural move was to promote Zammer, the lifelong leader of the pack, as almost all of them competed in the Junior America’s Cup. In his first Test, At the end of last year, the group celebrated second and third place.Now the goal is to challenge the world, Olympic and America’s Cup champions like Australia tom slingsby English ben ainslie,

“When we competed in the 2017 Junior America’s Cup, we asked for autographs from people who are now our rivals, fighting them was something unimaginable for us and that’s why we’re so excited,” said a very young group lead The shortest in the competition, explains Zammer. Joan CardonaOlympic medalists in Tokyo, and then four diplomas, Diego Botton, Paula Barcel, Florian Trettel and Joel Rodriguez, he supports her. something over. Because, really, in SailGP, the captain doesn’t rule everything.

“The competition system is too simple, so that the public understands it, but the boat is too complex. The tasks are very divided. To make an analogy with a car, I drive the wheel, but another drives the accelerator, the other the clutch, another decides which direction we’re headed… requires a lot, a lot of coordination”, analyzes Zamar who assures that a recent Olympic medal has barely changed his life and that of his city. The designation of Barcelona, ​​as the venue of the 2024 Copa America, has caught him off guard.

If a Spanish boat was being planned for the competition, that would be the first boat they called. someone made?
Obviously I’m very happy that the America’s Cup is happening in Barcelona, ​​it’s good for Spanish sailing and it’s good for Spain, but it’s really utopian to think that a Spanish boat would compete. It’s too expensive, it’s too hard. Also I am very focused on SAIL GP and Olympic campaign.

Because, in addition to competing in SailGP, Xammar continues with the 470, the boat that brought him bronze at the Olympic Games last year. He had to part ways when his ways became mixed Nicolas Rodriguezhis partner in Tokyo, and hang out with him Nora Brugman, but continues to win: this April they have already won the Princess Sofa Trophy. At the 2024 Paris Games, the pair will be one of the best Spanish options for a medal. Before that, yes, you should be flying and flying with SailGP.

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