Salobria City Council has defended that the registration of Macarena Olona in the home of the Grenadan leader of Vox is legal.


Abandoned the cause of “cheating” and she limited herself to confirming that Granada welcomed her “like a daughter”.

Macarena Olona, ​​this Friday, in Jerez.
Macarena Olona, ​​this Friday, in Jerez.Vocal

Andalusian leftists have launched an attack this Friday against the Vox candidate, Macarena Olona, ​​to pretend she lives in the Granada municipality of Salobria and can thus stand for election in Andalusia.

Macarena Olona formally registered last November at the home of a Vox leader in Salobria, as Cadena Ser revealed this Friday and El Mundo confirmed through the city council. Living in Andalusia is an essential requirement to stand for regional elections, although Olona is a national deputy for Granada, there is no evidence that she has ever been in this autonomous community.

This is not the first time that a politician changes his place of residence to justify his candidacy for a province to which he does not belong. Indeed, Olona herself was a candidate for Granada in the 2019 general election, although she lives in Madrid and was born in Alicante. But that circumstance did not affect his candidature then.

In this case, the situation is very different because Andalusian electoral law requires you to be registered in the Autonomous Community. And to register with the municipality you have to somehow prove that you live there.

As explained to EL Mundo by the mayor of Salobria, socialist Maria Eugenia Rufino, Olona’s registration met the necessary administrative requirements, as it was the owner of the house, who certified through his signature that the deputy lived in his house. Is. , In that case, the city council is not required to do any further verification and the home owner declaration is considered valid.

“Registration is not only a right, but it is an obligation. Therefore, apart from the value judgment that can be made about the example that public servants should give instrumental use of the same, the rest exceeds the capacity of this city council.” In any case, it is the Central Board of Elections which can act ex-officio if it deems fit”, the mayor confirmed.

Fraudulent registrations are often to obtain assistance or entitlements, such as schooling in a specific center, given that Andaluca gives priority to families who live close to the school. In that case, it is the Education Counselor who, in the event of a prior complaint or suspicion of fraud, may request the local police to investigate whether the student actually resides where he/she has declared.

In the case of Macarena Olona, ​​the opposition is also seeing signs of fraud. Socialist candidate Juan Espadas distorted to the top of the Vox list this Friday that he participates in the 19J electoral appointment under “circumstances of questionable legality”.

The Swords demand that Olona explain “why he is skipping the rules” when “he knows the legal system perfectly”.

The leader of the Andalusian Socialists has criticized that the Vox candidate, who “brags about being Andalusian but was neither born nor lived in Andalusia by his own judgement”, is “forcing” the law and “To be able to contravene what it means to register to stand at election”, which means to remain in that municipality “for at least one calendar year”.

For her part, Adelante Andaluca’s candidate, Teresa Rodriguez, has criticized the “lack of respect, yet another, from Vox to Andaluca”, which she points to a “fraud” of lodging at Vox’s presidential house. Is. Granada.

Rodriguez accuses Vox of “inconsistency” because it “spreads hatred against foreigners by saying that they register here to aid and take advantage of our welfare system and our democracy, while they are willing to stand for election.” Doing this for the sake of Andalusia”.

The candidate of Adelante Andaluca has emphasized the lack of knowledge that Andalusia has for Olona “no more than the arguments given to her in the morning”, while she has drawn attention to her “lack of knowledge of Andaluca”. That “to quote the eight provinces he always does so in alphabetical order so that he does not forget any”.

Olona has declined to give details about her registration this Friday, despite questions from several journalists during her visit to the Jerez fair. There, she has confined herself to saying that Granada (sic) took her “like a daughter” three years ago. The deputy has also said that Andalusia is for his “one purpose”, and an “an intermediate or important step” in his political career.

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