Salvador Ramos, Texas shooter whose profile is similar to that of the protagonist of other massacres

The teenager was a victim of bullying and did not raise the alarm among his relatives

Salvador Ramos, author of the Massacre in Uvalde.
Salvador Ramos, author of the Massacre in Uvalde.EM


  • America A young man shot and killed 19 children and two teachers at a Texas school
  • America Salvador Ramosi’s Wild Journey

Salvador Ramos remains embroiled. Shelter in a secluded life, without friends, partner or job, marked by bullying due to lack of language in childhood. This is how the officer and some of his former companions describe him.The high school, trying to find the cause that, at the age of 18, led to obliterating the lives of 19 children and two teachers, whom they locked in a classroom at Rob’s Elementary School in Uvalde, where he studied. He fired indiscriminately against them which stopped only after the police fired.

His methodology fits with those of other authors on a long list of genocide in American educational centers. Ramos didn’t wake up one morning and decided he was going to be a mass murderer, but the idea of ​​committing a massacre had been on his mind for some time. As he grew up, the American exercised his constitutional right to bear arms on May 16 receiving two semi-automatic AR-15 rifles and “hundreds of ammunition”, As told by Texas Senator John Whitmire. And, like many other shooters, he put out his intentions on social media.

“Young people have immediate access to information shared on social networks and violence is becoming increasingly established as a common way of dealing with a problem when the social network profiles of these subjects are able to access their information when they publish and comment on this type of content. Increase visits and conversations.” Situations. The morbidity is encouraged, the curiosity to be a part of something that is outside the standards defined by the society. All this will encourage and inspire those who seek excellence, those who need attention from others”, raises professor of psychology at the University of Nebridge Hannah Elizabeth Beltran-Velasco In an article in ‘The Conversation’ about profiling the perpetrators of US shootings.

As the days go by, more will be revealed about who teen Salvador Ramos really was. At the moment, everything points to an unstructured home, because Young man lived with grandparents after beating his mother And he occupied a room in the house where he slept on a mattress on the floor, as his grandfather, 72-year-old Rolando Reyes, told ABC News. He didn’t know if his grandson had acquired the weapons or had it in their house and didn’t see anything unusual that predicted what was about to happen, but he did have a short chat with Grandma about the telephone bill. pointed to the debate. Was that reason enough for him to shoot her, leaving her mortally wounded before getting into the car to commit the massacre?

“It seems hard to believe that relatives, friends or close people didn’t get a red flag that would indicate something was wrong. A complicated childhood with an absence of brotherly love, emotional distance with people in their immediate environment, empathy Lack of early violence with other children or even small animals, low levels of assertiveness, difficulties socializing and interacting with others are some of the symptoms that can define a psychopathic profile, says Beltrán-Velasco. which corresponds to a murderer.

It is in knowing these details that the police investigation is now focused. Apart from this, for what reason he chose Rob Elementary School for his murderous plans. Was it a pre-planned target or the first one you saw after being in a car accident moments before the attack?

rumors on the network

Meanwhile, yesterday’s social networks circulated ‘selfies’ of the teenager with a grim face, dark hair and gloomy look, but also unfounded rumors that added more disgust to an already incomprehensible act. Republican Congressman from Arizona Paul Gosari He said of the shooter in a tweet: “He’s a transsexual left-wing illegal alien named Salvador Ramos.”

The tweet was deleted about two hours after it was posted, but its claims spread with photos of a completely anonymous but physically identical transgender man to Ramos, which they had to clarify on Reddit: “It’s not me, I don’t even live in Texas.”

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