Sanchez calls on PSOE ministers to try to support legislature


The president intends to continue the rule until the end of 2023. From Moncloa they rule out break with United v Can

Government chairman Pedro S.
The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, leaves the Moncloa Palace.EFE
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La Moncloa learned to live with the injuries of the Coalition long ago. Tensions or conflicts with the ministers of the United can consume the least amount of time and energy we can in the socialist sphere. But what Pedro Sánchez does not like or is unwilling to consent to is that the hurt is between his ministers, the friendly fire among socialists, as has happened in recent times. Pegasus case.

The entire case of espionage and the response of the separatists and the government itself has dealt a heavy blow to the legislature, which is constantly hanging on a string. However, the head of the executive is determined to fulfill his mandate by the end of 2023. He recognizes the problems that can arise with United We Can and the problems that successively have with partners, but he does not want conflicts between them. His ministers who make the purpose of not calling the elections ahead of time even more unforgivable.

He does not like that discrepancies or tensions between PSOE ministers are aired on the public scene in the presidential complex. They understand that this is the sustenance and leading strategy of United We Can, but not theirs. So, this week, after a clash between the Head of the Presidency, Flix Bolaos, and the Chief of Defense, Margarita Robles, it became clear who is responsible for the security of the phones of the members of the Council of Ministers—and Pedro Sánchez in particular—, The order that was transferred was to show unity, teamwork and shared responsibility. This was done together by Bolas and Robles, two men very close to and valued by the president.

Sanchez has asked to lower the decibels. Already in the government’s extensive remodeling carried out last summer, he showed that ministers or other positions that perpetuate poorly hidden conflicts have many options in the fall. The relationship between the Moncloa Chief of Staff, Ivan Redondo, and the then First Vice President, Carmen Calvo, And with the Minister of Transport and Organization Secretary of PSOE, Jose Luis Balos, it was clearly reformable. It was strictly limited to the professional and hid the struggle for quota of power. All three left the government.

So, there is no electoral edge for Sanchez today. Not even giving independence supporters the head of Margarita Robles, who has become the PSOE’s dark beast of defeat for partners and whose resignation has been sought by United We Can last week for being an alleged person accused of espionage. Pere Aragon and 17 other separatists.

persistent discrepancies

There is no immediate chance of a break with United We Can. Government President has commitment to bloc leader Yolanda Diaz purple In the executive, that there would be no splits and that five of his ministers would remain in their positions—he himself, Ioan Bellara, Irene Monteiro, Alberto Garzon and Joan Subirats—. This despite the constant discrepancies – on economic matters, in Ukraine, in the Shar, in espionage … and although the debate over the break with Sanchez in Podemos has been on the table several times.

Dialogue, negotiation and agreement are the pillars on which La Moncloa seeks to lean in trying to reach the end of 2023. The strategy is to convey that, despite the challenges experienced in the legislature – pandemic, hurricane Philomena, the eruption of the La Palma volcano, the war in Ukraine…- there is stability. It is very important that Spain has achieved stability, there are elections every four years and every year we have a budget, he has reiterated on more than one occasion since La Moncloa.

This is why the image of government stalwarts like Flix Bolaos and Margarita Robles starring in a conflict was neither liked nor desired. This shattered the PSOE’s image of stability and complicated an already difficult scenario, with Nationalist allies holding the legislature, not guaranteeing their votes in Congress, which are absolutely necessary to achieve parliamentary stability. .

Its purpose is to redirect relations with the ERC. Even if Republicans carry out their threat and stop giving structural support to the government in Congress from La Moncloa, they argue that on various occasions they have already been able to hold together an alternative majority. able, without suffering and unknown, yes. Therefore, he points out, it has been shown that Republicans may lose their role as determiners.

Government’s contribution to the legislature is measured in terms of country, security for citizens and peace. We have managed very tough times and we have done it with determination. We want to get the job done because the people of Spain deserve it, government spokesman Isabel Rodriguez said recently. Sanchez himself, on Friday Barcelona And before Aragon, he talked about the horizon of the legislature and said that the current unrest would be overcome.

Therefore, today the song of electoral progress, which also includes Alberto Nez Feijo, is ignored. Anyone who believes the pre-campaign has begun is long watched, they warn from La Moncloa, where they handle demographic data that has already shown Sanchez’s level of electoral support to the leader of the PP. But will keep Nor is the current state of economic crisis considered a window of opportunity.

The next election in Andalusia is a litmus test for the PSOE, to verify erosion and what support the government management has. Madrid. This is a major thermometer for socialists. In the party they warn that there is evidence that the brand is going bad, one of the chief barons, Zimo Puig, refuses to pursue the election, despite the fact that many see it as it is. Going to try to break the winning trend of PP. Madrid, Castile and León and certainly, Andaluca.

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