Sanchez declares himself a “victim” of espionage to escape parliamentary persecution in Pegasus case


The president accuses PP of trying to sow discord when he urges him to explain the concessions given to the independence movement while spying on its leaders.

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Pedro Sánchez, upon his arrival at the Congress of Deputies.Juan Carlos HidalgoEFE
  • Policy Unknown men of Pegasus trouble the government
  • spy This is how the CNI prompted the independence leaders’ telephone intervention: “It is the only formula to avoid secession”.

Pegasus Case It is still alive in Congress inspired by the infinite unknown, by requests for clarification from spies and by derivatives transferred to the National Political Board. Awaiting to appear in the plenary session of the Chamber of the President of the Government on the 25th or 26th to report on the matter, he meets with the President of the Generalitat and is informed of the internal investigation or the investigation posted in the CNI . By the Lokpal, parliamentary groups keep raising their swords and never stop harassing an executive they see as weak and divided.

Sánchez continues to resist responding and prefers to declare himself “too” as a “victim” of espionage and draws comparisons to the platform of Rajoy and Casado, accusing the popular of trying to sow controversy. imposing when they urge him to explain the concessions Freedom was made to when he was spying on its leaders and they called to tell him what else he was going to give them when he went to Aragon. on the occasion of their next encounter with.

The president clings to “Brasenas notebooks” for “hammer strikes” against the Genoa computers or PP’s “contracts” with Villarejo. “You have been convicted of corruption,” Sánchez took a dig at the Popular Party spokesman. “The PP of today, yesterday and the day after practiced the same denialist protest against the Spanish”, he said, completely disregarding the question.

Responding to PNV’s spokesman, Ettore Esteban, Sánchez has assured that neither the National Police nor the Civil Guard has a Pegasus program. Basque nationalists have called for changes to the CNI law and the rules governing its judicial oversight. Sanchez has taken advantage of this projection to present himself as a “victim” of espionage and has ensured that his executive has nothing to hide and will act with complete transparency in the matter.

Bildu’s spokeswoman, Mertx Aizpurua, has been too accommodating to continue supporting the government with her votes, despite the espionage. Sánchez thanked him for an endorsement before assuring him of his full desire to restore ties with the Catalan independence movement that controlled Catalonia. In this sense, he has said that he will meet Aragon as soon as he has.

Sanchez, in his speeches, has prioritized the focus by emphasizing on the regulations, laws and all decrees that the government has so far approved in the legislature and in its portfolio to protect and promote the rights and needs. Spaniards.

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