Sánchez defends his turn over his relationship with the Sahara and NATO and conflicts with his allies and opposition.


President announces talks of a new Spanish-Moroccan agreement to replace the 1991 Treaty of Friendship, Good Neighborhood and Cooperation

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Pedro Sanchez, during his appearance in Congress.Emilio NaranjoEFE
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Three months after Morocco announced a radical change of Spanish government regarding Western Sahara and Congress explicitly rejected a decision adopted by Pedro Sánchez alone, the president himself in chamber for the move given. forced. And he has done so by mixing his explanations with those that refer to the latest decisions taken by him The European Union With regard to the war in Russia and Ukraine, some decisions involving NATO, expect more arms shipments. Kyiv And they do not have the support of the minority partners of the executive.

The debate in the chamber has appeared as a test of the bulk of Spanish foreign policy, a policy which, for the government’s preferred partners, surrenders to war and militarism and will be exposed at the next Atlantic Alliance summit. Madrid at the end of the month. And for the opposition, it is nothing more than an example of Sanchez’s unilateralism and the failure of his administration.

With all parliamentary groups against it, with the exception of the PSOE, the prime minister insisted that the autonomy plan for Western Sahara proposed by Mohammed VI is the “most serious and realistic” solution for the future of the East. Spanish colonization and, moreover, opens a way to guarantee a “promising future” for Ceuta and Melilla. In this area, it has also announced the start of upcoming negotiations to achieve a new Spanish-Moroccan bilateral agreement that 1991 Treaty of Friendship, Good Neighborhood and Cooperation,

Sanchez defended his move, saying other European countries have accepted Morocco’s offer and cited France, Germany, America, Netherlands And the European Commission itself. A view that is not entirely true, because except for France, the rest have been mentioned, as the United Nations has done in its successive resolutions since 2007, pay attention to the Moroccan proposal, appreciate it and consider it realistic but Don’t take it apart. favorite one. To resolve the conflict of an area subject to a colonization process. In fact, the United Nations has continued to maintain in all its resolutions that the resolution of Shara should “provide for free self-determination” of its people.

PP spokesperson Kuka Gamra in his speech in Congress
Kuka Gamra, PP spokesman in Congress, said in his speech.EFE

discrepancies in the alliance

His explanation in either of the two areas did not reassure the opposition. The PP has emphasized deep discrepancies within the government regarding the strategy to adhere to with regard to the war in Ukraine, sending offensive material to the deterrence, forecasting an increase in defense spending and finally the celebration of the NATO summit. of the month in Madrid. “Your government is a constant ambush, a ruckus,” PP spokesperson, Kuka Gamra, taunts him, emphasizing the many gaps displayed by the Council of Ministers in the region and recalling that Larch’s support of Shara No Congressman.

Gamara also recalled that there was still no response from the European Commission on the Spanish and Portuguese proposal to reduce the price of gas in order to reduce the cost of electricity and two months after the announcement of implementation by the executive. have been “A scam,” the spokesperson insisted.

Nor has he defended the position of the president, Pablo Ichenic, spokesman for United We Can. The Purples are the ones who are most opposed to the policy change regarding Shara and Spain’s close ties with NATO, an organization they brand as a “warmonger” and subservient to US interests. For Podemos, the promised budget for defense and weapons should be used for social purposes for the direct benefit of citizens.

Ichenic took advantage of his speech to demand Sanchez review measures to deal with the economic crisis. UP’s spokesperson has asked that the new decree in which they are collected be extended at least until the end of the year, including a 15% increase in non-contributory pensions and a social bonus for transporting 10 euros Consider it.

The ERC, an investment partner but increasingly far from executive, warned Sanchez through its spokesman, Gabriel Ruffin, that “you cannot be a Republican and defend a monarchy, or a socialist, and favor Huh CEOENor bet on pacifists and NATO”.

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