Sanchez disputes the banner of equality with his Podemos partners and claims all progress has been made with PSOE


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Pedro Sánchez and Juan Espadas greet PSOE supporters at the PSOE pre-campaign ceremony in Granada today.EFE
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The President of the Government and Secretary General of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, has resigned to replace his allies from United We Can’t in Social Affairs. The last pulse within the executive, who won purple Due to sick leave due to painful menstruation, Socialists’ reaction Who, along with their leader, has set out to justify the banner of gender equality and defend that great progress belongs to them.

Sanchez raised the flag of social rights to the defense at an election act held in Granada this Sunday Achievements what Huh In the last four years, the government has made achievements in this matter. This includes measures promoted by Podemos to the executive, such as labor reform, an increase in the interprofessional minimum wage (SMI) or, last and most recent, reform of abortion legislation.

The president has mentioned neither United We Can nor his executive coalition at any time, but he has marked socialist terrain When the fourth anniversary of the censure motion against Mariano Rajoy was about to be celebrated, taking stock of his management took him to La Moncloa.

It has not confined itself to showcasing and appropriating the latest achievements, but has also emphasized that great progress has been made in social affairs. in the history This country has always been linked to a PSOE government. The first equality law, a 2010 abortion law reform, comprehensive legislation against gender violence or maternity and paternity leave, he insisted on a socialist patent.

And, now, continuing that work, it has been his government, he said, that has promoted equal pay With the rise of SMI, they have updated criteria on abortion – they said nothing about sick leave due to painful periods – or promoted labor reform that specifically benefits women.

At all times, Sánchez has branded social progress against “right and extreme authority”, without explicitly mentioning his allies, though internal pulse Between the two legs of the Coalition government is nothing new and, in fact, it has doubled again because of debates such as whether or not to include in that lesson on reforming abortion laws and the abolition of prostitution.

PSOE is concerned that United may capitalize too heavily on social measures using We Can and for that reason, Sanchez wanted to make it clear this Sunday that the flag of equality is exclusive inheritance Socialist in this sense, he concludes that he has fulfilled his promise of four years earlier to promote a “more social and more exemplary” government.

But the identification between PSOE and equality has also served as an argument to the socialist leader. regional elections That Andalusia will celebrate next on 19 June and Sanchez has briefly stated that he is choosing between “rights and rights” and, he said, “rights are defended by the PSOE”.

In this line, he has ensured that the Andalusian community, during nearly 40 years of uninterrupted socialist governments, route maker In social progress, even when the country was governed by the PP “there were more setbacks”.

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