Sanchez hides behind Gretel and Kitchen affairs to defend his management of the Pegasus case and the dismissal of Paz Esteban.


PP&CS accuse the President of “paving the way of institutional destruction” and he responds by calling him a “mug” and a “disgrace to democracy”.

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Pedro Sanchez, in Congress last week.Bernardo DAZ
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Pegasus gallops through Congress, leaving the victims behind. However, Pedro Sanchez sees the other way around. The dismissal of Paz Esteban as head of the CNI is not an easy decision to explain, but to address the difficulty, the government’s president sued the opposition and faced sharp criticism of the PP. And Ciudadanos takes cover, using Grittel and Kitchen’s cases of “hammer-broken” computers at PP headquarters to cover their cases of corruption and the confrontation between the Rajoy government and the independence movement, which unilaterally The independence of Catalonia was declared.

With all this, the president has acknowledged that until yesterday the sudden dismissal of the director of intelligence services, Paz Esteban, was due to “a serious failure to protect the government’s communications”. A decision that means the phones of the president himself, the defense minister, Margarita Robles, and the interior minister, Fernando Grande Marlasca, were hacked. And moreover, a failed attempt to spy on Luis Planas, the head of agriculture. A decision that the government has placed in the hands of justice because, as Sanchez put it, it is unwilling to “conceal the crime.”

Sanchez has had to hear harsh rebukes from opposition parties for the “route of institutional destruction” that he is leaving behind to “remain in power”, no matter what the cost. And to this the president has replied that his government, unlike what the PP had done in his day, “will never use the forces of public order or intelligence services to persecute political opponents outside the law”.

Popular people, through his parliamentary spokesman, Cucca Gamara, have stirred up an attempt to pretend that Sánchez throws the balls out and aligns himself with the libertarians by offering “a servant’s head of state on a plate”. tries to match. Thus, Gamra has insisted that the president “represents the complete collapse of politics” because “he gives everything to the independence movement and makes it stronger.” “His teammates,” said the PP deputy, “choose him not for his merit but for his weakness. The ERC and the Buildoo project involve maintaining a president who is ready to undermine the rule of law.” Gamra predicted that when Sanchez is gone, “he will leave not only a serious political crisis but also an institutional crisis.”

The government’s president responded to the Popular Party spokesman, assuring that “thugs are not in government today, Spain has influence in Europe and the constitution is followed throughout the country.” For Sanchez, the problem lies in the fact that the country has “a right that is a disgrace to democracy.” And then he insisted, face-to-face with Ciudadanos’ representative, Edmondo Bal, that he would abolish the legislature and do so with “steadiness”.

The Orange deputy rebuked his disdain for public servants for “staining his name just to be in power”. Baal has accused him of “immorality and humiliation” after he left the former CNI director to “drag him through the mud”. “You don’t have the right to do that,” taunted the CS deputy, who was also a victim of those who “interfered in the way of the president’s ambition.” “You don’t believe in Spain, you only believe in yourself.” And he prophesied: “When I look back, I see the path of destruction that has been left in its wake.”

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