Sanchez indicts the CNI and the Supreme Court judge who controls it for spying against libertarians


He claims the means used by the intelligence service are never known, questions the Citizen Lab report and announces a reform of secret law and the center’s judicial control.

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Pedro Sanchez, in Congress this Thursday.ferdinand alvaradoEFE
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  • Congress Government partners expect Sanchez to announce CNI reform and strengthen his judicial control

Government President Pedro Sánchez has tried to abdicate his responsibility Pegasus Case Going back to the “dark times” of “corruption” during Mariano Rajoy’s government, and accusing the opposition of focusing on “incompetence” and his non-recognition, there is a need for “honesty” and “transparency”. He has presented his own administration as a model. Legitimacy at the head of the executive. “With this government,” he said, “there is no room for illegality.”

Sanchez devoted the first 20 minutes of his appearance to Congress To attack popular people who denounced him for his “devastating opposition” and to portray his government as “incompatible with corruption”: “No permission to persecute or leave rivals with this government Is. Constitution“. He assures that the core principles of his management are “transparency”, “impeccable cooperation with justice” and “strengthening public services” and against this he opposes a full list of corruption – “criminal acts”. Said- PP K kitchen, grtel, Lazzo,

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It was only after this barrage that the president made the appearance’s central theme, ensuring that “privacy” was not to be confused with “obscurity”, and in this sense he cited the action of “ex-officio” as an example. Is. ombudsman to examine the action of the government in Pegasus Case,

Sanchez has placed all responsibility for the spying on the roof of the CNI and the Supreme Court judge who controls it, confirming that the government limits itself to setting guidelines to be followed by the Center, but either Does not know the measures that are used or the decision making of intelligence services. “It has never happened to this government and I guarantee it will not happen.”

The President has assured that he does not wish to question the doubts raised by the forensic laboratory report civil laboratory Those who published the list of 65 people who all belonged to the Freedom Cause, and who were spied on through the Pegasus program, have asked for concrete information and to distinguish between simple conjecture and “unproven facts”. He has also avoided going into the relationships some leaders of separatism have built with foreign powers, referring to the contacts made by Puigdemont and his entourage with them. musk,

He has called for understanding, dialogue and “reunification” with Catalonia and insisted that their personal commitment be to resume close contact with generally, And he has assured that dialogue problems will be resolved “with more dialogue and more democracy.”

At the end of his speech, the President announced the strengthening of investment in the CNI and the improvement of its capabilities. In this sense, he said, his intention to review the legislation that governs the intelligence service and strengthen its democratic control mechanisms. Thus, the government, following a proposal made by the PNV, approves a new law of official secrecy, revising the law regulating the CNI and its judicial control. Sanchez also speculates that the new director of CNI, esperanza castelliroHe will be able to go to Congress “as usual” to give an account of the central guidelines of his actions.

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