Sánchez premiered PSOE’s new strategy in Andalusia, selling economic and social achievements against the “noisy” PP.


The intention of the President of the Government is employment data and SMI . Get up to speed and stop breaking down by flagging

the chairman of the government and
The chairman of the government and the leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, at a rally in Cuevas de Almanzora (Almera) this Saturday.EFE

lead by example. That’s what the government’s chairman and PSOE general secretary Pedro Sánchez did this Saturday, who has signaled to his party that it wants to travel not only in the Andalusian election campaign, but in the national political arena. to try win bellows And stop the wear and tear that the poles show, at the same time, warned the PP of Alberto Nez Feijo.

To emphasize the economic achievements and social victories of the government new mantra A socialist party needs a change of course, and this is what Sanchez did at his weekly meeting of the Andalusian Autonomous Campaign, this time in the Almería city of Cuevas de Almanjora. A few days earlier he had asked his men that he held deputations and meetings with senators, in an effort to counter encouragement and disillusionment with several doses of self-esteem.

Sánchez has taken the flags of protecting social progress and employment out of the closet of Ferraz’s strategies and raised them this Saturday in the medieval enclosure of the castle of Cuevas de Almanzora. A strategy that the socialist leader has summarized in three figures: 20, 50 y 1.000, twenty million members of Social Security; 50% of Indefinite Contracts and 1,000 Euros of Minimum Interprofessional Wage, easy to remember three data with which to identify PSOE.

dry grass because of pride, in the opinion of the President, for the socialists and are the result of “our policies”. Contributors’ record figures, an increase in SMI or an increase in indefinite contracts following labor reform, are the main ones, but they also cited plans to fight the Covid crisis, first, and for the war in Ukraine, then.

“WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT OF ERTE, ICO, MINIMUM IMPORTANT INCOME…”, he recalled his announcement this week that he was being increased, three more monthsMeasures to reduce the effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

All this, he confirmed, not only in particularly difficult times, but “Despite the Opposition”Despite the Popular Party, against whom he has hit hard and whom he has accused of voting against “any social advancement” and “making noise” so that people do not know.

“They always do the same thing, they try to overwhelm all progressive Spain so that we give up” Indispensable that the only people who can govern are those who are PP and extreme authority”, he urged “not to fall into their trap” and contrasted the “noise” with “the reality of our policies”.

Attacking the PP, antagonizing the opposition is the second phase of the strategy he revealed at his parliamentary meeting this week and that he wants the socialist discourse to prove aimed at achieving reconfiguredIf not in the Andalusian Autonomous Communities, which have little room for improvement, then in the national debate.

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Pedro Sánchez congratulated the participants of the PSOE meeting this Saturday with board candidate Juan Espadas.EFE

only one is mentioned government alliance After recent weeks of clashes with United We Can, when he insisted “their horizon has always been clear, protecting families and companies.”

The President has also highlighted this reforms in areas such as education and have argued that it is necessary to do “many things” in a short amount of time, even if it means that some, or many, do not reach public opinion and have reiterated that it is socialist governments that have historically Social progress and achievements have brought. That cuts social progress with the left versus with the right, he pointed out.

Facing the progress of PSOE, they have opposed it shocks with ppagainst the management popular Made up of past crisis, later achievements of socialists. Facing an increase in SMI, the “many workers” dismissal.

PP is also perturbed by the fact that it is not happy with good employment figures – Spain dropped by 3 million unemployed last month – and instead, they put even in doubt these figures. “You have to be very patient with the authority when in opposition,” remembering that “they have told me everything” and for PP “any government that is not theirs is illegitimate.”

So far, he assured, authority has not dared to touch those advances when it came to the government, but the situation has changed. He warns that in that equation he has entered a new factor, to the far right of Vox, “and things are not so clear.” PP and Vox, he denounced, have “interchangeable votes” and eventually “they will understand each other” and that poses a real risk to achievements.

That is why he has encouraged them to protect them and it is he who is, according to his words, that Vote for “PSOE’s Red”,

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