Sanchez pressures NATO to “send a strong message to the southern part of the alliance”


President and Albers mobilize so that new allied strategy at Madrid summit is not limited to intimidating Russia

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Pedro Sanchez intervenes at the Davos Forum.EFE
  • Davos The Swiss president denies joining NATO and presents himself as a mediator: “Our neutrality is cooperative”.
  • Davos Zelensky scolded the Davos elite: “Russia should have been acted upon earlier”

The government has been pressing for weeks so that the new security concept to be approved by NATO at the Madrid summit acts as a threat to countries south of the Mediterranean Sea. The executive wants to take advantage of the Allies’ willingness to show firmness against Russia at the Atlantic Alliance meeting in the Spanish capital to show their teeth against the Maghreb and the Sahel as well.

as baptized strategic concept madrid According to the affiliate schedule for next month’s meeting, “define the security challenges facing the coalition and design the political and military actions that NATO must undertake to counter them.”

Pedro Sánchez, the president of the government himself, took advantage of a question in front of an audience at the Davos Forum to send a message to the other side of the Mediterranean. “It is very important for Spain that the NATO summit in Madrid sends a strong message about its southern, We will have to face security challenges in the eastern side, but we will also have to face security concerns in the southern part.” borge brandeAbout his hopes of the next Atlantic summit.

The Spaniard has not mentioned Morocco or Algeria and has indicated that he wants that mark for “sub-Saharan countries”, but has spoken of NATO’s “southern edge” without distinction of countries.

On the same lines, the Foreign Minister also campaigned in Davos, Jose Manuel Alberes, “We face enormous threats from our southern side, political and unacceptable use of energy and irregular migration to threaten our sovereignty,” he said in a discussion on the global geopolitical outlook at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos.

Morocco used immigrants in Ceuta last year, causing a lot of tension with Spain. “Unity is our best defense against any danger, whether it comes from the south or from the east,” Albers pointed. Their concern about terrorist dynamics in the Sahel region has led the government to expect support from countries such as the United States or France, where jihadists are less vulnerable than in Iraq or Syria.

According to Albers, it is “Very poor country, where governance has weakened over the past decade”With more and more military junta, with rising prices of grain and fertilizers”.

Brende described the Madrid summit as a “historic event” and asked Sanchez What will be the merger of Finland and Sweden, The Spaniard, aware of Turkey’s objections, said he “could not speak on behalf of all members of NATO”, but showed clear support for both Nordic countries. According to the leader of the PSOE, their heads of government will “definitely” attend the affiliated summit. “They are great democracies … and I think it is very important for NATO and the EU to have them on our side as allies.”

He did not guarantee their admission, but added that “the political will of the allies is to work with these two countries.” Part of what Spain will do is speed up the “entire parliamentary process” in Cortés.

On his behalf, the Secretary General of NATO, Jens StoltenbergAlso in Davos, it was highlighted how the Russian President, Vladimir PutinNATO is revived. “It wanted less NATO on its borders and now it is getting more NATO and more members on its borders. Finland and Sweden have announced that they are presenting their candidature for membership and this is historic,” he welcomed. Did. He once again denied direct action against Russia.

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