Sandinista parliament ratifies closure of Nicaraguan language academy despite international disapproval


The government’s justification for penalizing these NGOs is that they did not register as “foreign agents”.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega.
Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega.AP
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Daniel Ortega is insatiable. By order of the revolutionary leader, the Sandinista parliament today confirmed the dissolution of 83 non-profit organizations. Among them, the Nicaraguan Academy of Languages, an institution with nearly a century of life, is supported by writers, activists, protestors, and the Royal Academy of Languages ​​of Spain, which spoke through a statement in the last hours . ,

“It is fundamental to the care of the language that the writers of the country have taken to their highest level”It recalled from Madrid, praising the “joint work” that the Nicaraguan Language Academy has done to date and cautioning about the relevance of the government’s decision, which condemns its closure.

International rebellion has failed to stop the dictator’s plans. “After 94 years, this dictatorship will not erase with one stroke of the pen the contribution the Academy has made to the country. Rubén Dario cries out for these barbarians,” reacted the poet Gioconda Belli in exile.

The result of the vote was decisive: 75 votes in favor and 16 abstentions, The National Assembly remains under full control of the ruling party, not only through the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), but also through allies, which Ortega allowed to participate in the elections. The justification used by the government to punish these NGOs is that they did not register as “foreign agents”, as established by one of the Sandinista laws.

In such a situation, persecution continues against NGOs working in Nicaragua. The Sandinista leader has already closed or canceled 344 as he launched his plan to eliminate not only any critical voices in the country, but also organizations that harass his hegemony.

A very long list that includes human rights and civil society organizations, including the Bolaos Foundation created by former President Enrique Bolao, the Association for the Promotion and Development of Drinking Water Committees, and the Sustainable Development Network.

“Through the Ministry of the Interior and the National Assembly, they execute a tyrannical will with the aim of exercising absolute control, who think differently and set an opinion, violate the human rights of the people of Nicaragua.” , after learning of the collective human rights Nicaragua Never Again legislative decision.

The attack by Ortega and his co-president, Rosario Murillo, who presents himself to public opinion as a poetess, managed to quell the popular uprising that began in April 2018 with his plan of terror . His prisons house more than 170 political prisoners, including seven presidential candidates.

More than 350 people have been victims of police and paramilitary repression, in which thousands have also been injured. around 200,000 Central Americans have fled the country,

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