Sanxenxo Nutico prepares for a grand reception for King Juan Carlos on Friday morning


The board of directors organizes an official act and invites all the partners of the entity. Emeritus plans to house its president Pedro Campos

King Juan Carlos in an act in 2015 in Buenos Aires.
King Juan Carlos in an act in 2015 in Buenos Aires.EFE
  • i returned to spain Cataract of humiliation from Sánchez’s allies against King Emeritus and the Crown: “thief”, “corrupt”, “rogue” and “cheeky”
  • Policy The government distances itself from the return of the emeritus but says it should clarify.

The visit of King Juan Carlos I is awaited with great enthusiasm in the city of Saxenxo, where he had become a regular with a monthly visit before moving to Abu Dhabi and where, apart from being great friends, the citizen was greatly appreciated. Is. If any place serves as the epicenter of that affection, it is the Royal Nautical Club, presided over by one of his intimates, Pedro Campos, and a place he frequented on his Galician stays. To celebrate his return to Spain, a grand reception is taking place these days.

Thus, the Board of Directors has organized an official reception for him this Friday morning and would like to extend invitations to all the members of the Society. All partners have received an invitation in which, after confirming the long-awaited visit of Emeritus King, he announced a visit to his facilities located at Sanxenxo Marina. In addition, that Marina is also baptized by her name, Juan Carlos I.

This reception would be done in the style “in view of the time elapsed since your last visit” and “in response to requests by members”, as there were several members of the association who have been contacting the club in recent days. Juan is interested in visiting Carlos. Now, they will be able to meet him, however, after an official confirmation from the Club of Attendance.

King Juan Carlos’ visit has been officially confirmed this weekend and as of Friday morning, but the exact moment he is expected to arrive has been kept a secret. Sources consulted by this newspaper have confirmed that he will already spend Thursday to Friday nights in the Galician city, where he will be staying at the home of his friend Pedro Campos.

The house is located in Nan, at the entrance to Sanxanxo, and in recent times it was his usual residence when he visited Sanxanxo, as it met the security and access conditions required by King Emeritus. He stayed there on his final visits to Saxonxo before leaving for Abu Dhabi in August 2020 and will repeat, as confirmed by the host himself, who had been a close friend of the monarch for decades.

Pedro Campos has also clarified that it is not yet confirmed that Emeritus will take part in the regatta for the Interras Trophy of the 2022 Spanish Cup circuit in the 6mR class, which will be held at Ra de Pontevedra from this weekend. Yes, it is confirmed that participating in bribneyThe boat that he usually uses to compete, and that he will be a spectator, but not if he goes for sailing.

As explained by his friend Pedro Campos and confirmed by the Nautical Club himself, “the timing will affect”. Juan Carlos I “has not been on the boat for almost three years”, since the 2019 regatta, and, “as is logical”, he is not in shape, so if the weather conditions are favorable and there is little wind, he will participate , but if circumstances are unfavourable, he will limit himself to following the regatta as a spectator. It is possible that he will take part in one of the regattas, where he is also expected, to “get into the groove” before the world championship in June.

King Emeritus will be in Sanxenxo until at least late Sunday evening, although it cannot be ruled out that he may extend his stay until Monday morning. During this stay, he is expected to have an intense social agenda with his closest friends and some meetings with officials, at least with the mayor, Telmo Martin (PP).

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