Scholz calls Nazism “never again” for Putin’s “notorious falsification”

german chancellor, Olaf Scholzohave missed Surrender of the Third Reich like the dayreleaseAfter the Nazi regime that caused the deaths of 60 million people and the “never again” call of May 8, 1945, the “infamous falsification of history” promoted by Vladimir Putin called for “we of Ukraine against the aggressor”. support,” he said in a televised message on the occasion of Scholz 77th anniversary of dedication, Signed on the night of May 8-9, 1945.

Ukraine needs “maximum solidarity”, he warned, adding that “fear should not cripple us”. Germany Don’t Make “Single Decisions”, they confirmed, but that any decision would be adopted “in close agreement with our European and transatlantic allies”; And the country’s defensive capability will not be reduced, but strengthened, he said in the context of 100,000 million euros agreed To update his army by his government.

“The lesson of May 8 is that There shouldn’t be another world war, Very few among nuclear powers”, he emphasized in a message in which he uttered up to four times.Never again“-“never again”-, for war, genocide or dictatorship and is finished with the same phrase as the “legacy” of the anniversary.

With his message to his compatriots, Scholz has made it clear that this was not yet another anniversary of the capitulation of the Third Reich. Europe is at war again, this time in the midst of Two countries fighting Nazism in World War II.

From dream to nightmare of peace in Europe

The message of the External Affairs Minister was preceded by the speech of the President of the country, Frank-Walter SteinmeierWhich has accused Putin of breaking European peace by inflicting a “nightmare” of “brutal and illegitimate war” from his position as a “nuclear power”.

“The dream of a normal European home and peace is shattered”, Steinmeier confirmed in an act. Confederation of German Trade Unions (DGB) and on an anniversary that may not be like previous commemorations, because Ukraine Real weighed on any memory,

For his part, the Speaker of Parliament (Bundestag), Social Democrats bramble base, traveled to Kyiv to the best of his ability as the country’s second highest representative. Bass has become the country’s first high-ranking person to tour Ukraine since the start of the Russian offensive on February 24. His visit follows talks held last Thursday steinmeier and Ukrainian President, Volodmir ZelenskyAfter weeks of tension between Berlin and Kyiv.

The high point of these disagreements was the disdain for the German president, who saw his intention to visit Kyiv with his Polish and Baltic counterparts be disappointed when he was informed that he was not welcome there. The diplomatic outcry happened in April, but the bilateral storm comes much earlier. Steinmeier is identified as a lukewarm line to Kyiv—or even an ally—against Moscow maintained by successive German governments. He was Chancellor during the two legislatures of the Conservatives under his co-religionist, the Social Democrat Gerhard Schrader and the then Minister of Foreign Affairs. Angela Merkel,

Tension in front of Red Army monuments

As well as official acts, there were up to 50 calls to coincide with anniversaries between Sunday and Monday, when March organized by pro-Russian and far-right groups,

One of the common points of concentration during May 8 is Monument to the Soviet Army in Tiergarten, in the immediate vicinity of the Brandenburg Gate. like a park TreptoIn the former communist area, where tribute is paid 80,000 Soviet soldiers killed in the Battle of BerlinOf which about 7,000 are buried there.

Berlin police banned the display of Russian and Ukrainian flags at some fifteen places in the capital to avoid confrontation. Ambassador of Ukraine, andrzej melnicoThose who publicly criticize Scholz almost daily were greeted when he went to the Tiergarten monument to lay a wreath for the fallen Ukrainian.

for Monday special police equipmentIt is announced as a march from two “T.34” tanks of the Tiergarten monument, to a 30-metre-tall statue of a Soviet soldier in Treptow crushing a swastika with his sword.

The capitulation was signed by Germany on the night of 8–9 May at Karlshorst, on the outskirts of Berlin. 30 April, Adolf Hitler He committed suicide in his bunker, and two days later a Soviet soldier, the first of the Allies to enter the capital, hung his flag on the Reichstag.

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