Scotland Yard completes ‘Partygate’ investigation with 126 fines


That paves the way for the publication of another parallel investigation by senior officer Sue Grey, which may take place in the next two weeks.

Boris Johnson in a recent parliamentary debate.
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The London Metropolitan Police has announced the closure of its investigation into the matter. Festival Held at the British Government Headquarters in Downing Street And during the pandemic in public offices, issuing another 20 fines.

Scotland Yard indicated that, overall, the result of a police investigation started last January 126 fines The scandal pertained to a scandal known as “Partygate”, in which executives and members of the executive participated in a breach of a ban on social gatherings that had limited interaction.

British Prime Minister, boris johnsonhis wife, Carrie and Minister of Economy, Rishi SunakWere among those fined by the Met.

Out of the total sanctioned, 53 are men and 73 are womenAccording to the police, who told that some people have got more than one approval.

Downing Street has not indicated to date whether Johnson would have received a further sanction for his alleged participation in any other social gatherings during his imprisonment.

In the prime minister’s case, Johnson had previously indicated that he did not believe that celebrating his 56th birthday – at a “surprise” meeting organized by his wife – in his office was a violation of coronavirus rules, although he “politely acknowledged “That yes he did break them.

conclusion of the so-called “Operation Hillman” This paves the way for the publication of another parallel investigation by Senior Officer Sue Grey, who indicated that she would wait for the conclusion of the police investigation to release her full report on the incidents.

In this context, according to the BBC, this document will be published in the next few weeks.

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