Sebastian Castella announces his return to the ring: “I have the illusion of a Novellaro without horses”


The French great returns to Manizales on January 7, 2023 with six oxen from different herds, with his eyes set on Spain, where he will embark on a campaign spearheaded by the Matilla family.

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  • Sebastian Castella: “I don’t like to be called a painter, I’m a bullfighter”

Sebastine Castella, surrounded by his hat and canvas, is located in the center of El Retiro in the Casa de Vacas, where he exhibits his work. monologo, Announcement of his return after 11 am, Two years later. Castella returns to the ring in Manizales (Colombia), before six oxen from different herds (Ernesto Gutierrez, Las Ventas del Espiritu Santo, Juan Bernardo Cassado) on January 7, 2023. The most important figure in the history of France, the multiple-time winner of so many Madrid, he was always a very “American” bullfighter: “I have this illusion when I was a novice without horses.” For the occasion he has commissioned a special poster from the great Colombian artist, painter Diego Ramos, based in Gaul. The press conference was not about his return, until the surprise went out.

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The reappearance of Castile will not be a matter of time, But a determined project that will continue in Spain, “to compete with all my colleagues”. “I’ve always liked big houses,” he says, returning hand-in-hand with the Matilla family, pointing to the passing of Lozano (Luis Manuel) and Martínez Aris (Chopera).

Sebastian Castella admitted in a recent interview with EL Mundo that he didn’t like being called a painter, that he always felt like a bullfighter, only that he needed time to grow up and express himself. A plot for: “Ever since I left my home to become a bullfighter as a kid, I’ve never had time for myself. I haven’t matured as much as I wanted to. And that’s what I’ve done. a different way of looking at the world, To value life, you have to know the earth, yes. So I withdrew from the bull. Never stopped in 20 years. He concluded the campaign in Spain and campaigned in America. Always marked by demanding results. I didn’t even develop artistically.”

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