Second Eurovision semifinal: Another year for Sweden’s victory


The second semi-final shatters the first level with more pop and electronic music that leaves the ballads in the background.

Cornelia Jacobs, Sweden's representative at Eurovisi
Sweden’s representative at Eurovision, Cornelia JacobsAFP

before the strings of the ballad Eurovis With both semifinals arriving this Saturday, it is to be commended that at least the other one managed to keep the public awake during a large part of the gala, which made it clear, as it happens every year, once again, That Sweden He doesn’t know how to come for anything other than winning this festival,

The six silver microphones that Scandinavians accumulate are no coincidence. Nor is it that they want a seventh which allows them to equal Ireland in the first position of the historic. and Cornelia Jacobs with her pop ballads hold me close there’s a good argument for it As it shows it is already placed in the favorites along with Great Britain, Ukraine, Italy and Spain.

And once the version’s great song was finalized, it was time for some to cut down all the intensity of the ballad that filled Saturday’s rundown. With this the Czech Republic will have to work Turn off the lights D V R Domi, A great electronic pop that at least brings some hustle and bustle to a final full of good vocals but with a slight dose of energyWhich becomes one of the most boring festivals in a long time.

because the proposals chosen by Poland, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Estonia and Australia, with their differences, we could frame them all in the same dominant tone of this edition of Eurovision. For example, Azerbaijani Nadir Rustamali and Australian Sheldon Riley—with Lady Gaga’s distinctive outfit, Not That Show—repeat the scene on the stairs with two identical choreography.

Nor does the bets of Belgium vary greatly with missing you Between Boy Band Music, Ballads and RnB, by Jermy Makise. something like this happens Estonian Stefan, probably closer to commercial pop, and his paselo with guitar on his shoulder and blinking at the camera as he left.

Despite the terrifying feeling, with an inexplicable long shot rumbling down the screen, Poland will also make it to the finals. With Ochmann’s impressive voice subjects are River This serves the Poles to insert a new song into Saturday’s repertoire.

And, like the bizarre, it can’t be left out of a good Eurovision fest that lends itself to, the Romanian WRS will accompany it. Lmme. Surely the majority think it doesn’t deserve its place but A catchy song with chorus only a genius could come up with is “Hello my baby. Call me, call me”, So the public and the jury picked up the phone and called for a performance that could be displayed at any type of show in Spain in the 90s.

The ten qualifiers of this second semi-final are closed by Fins the Rasmus, who opened the gala with his song. Jezebel wear a yellow raincoat and walk among the balloons so that even punk rock can find its place in the finale, and Serbian Konstrakta, a Risky Bet with Gothic Overtones healthy body,

Inexplicably, Islara Michael Ben David doesn’t have a great disco song, a worthy successor to Gloria Gaynor; Spectacular he is rich de brook poA pop ad close to the music of Ireland, Kate Perry or KeshaOr San Marino’s Achille Lauro and her commitment to glam stripper, Dressed in denim aesthetics and transparency to ride a mechanical bull. If not, he’ll also let us enjoy Eurovision…

What did not change in this second semi-final was the poor performance of Italian public television, once again betting on a plethora of long shots that prevented many artists from joining the performances. It also did not seem like a major decision that Il Volo had to translate his song into English. great loveWhen this edition of Eurovision is held in Italy. Well, he decided to do the same.

And so it was that the final part of the gala faded until Chanel and Sam Ryder took to the stage, two of the great attractions of this edition of Eurovision, to present their performances on Saturday and forget the version of people have power Which Laura Pausini and Micah shared a few minutes ago.

The two great favorites were those who kept the “passion”, as the Spanish representative rightly put it, in a feast that faded with the passage of minutes. They do it even better on Saturdays.

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