Sentenced to ex-president ez: ten years in prison for justifying the revolution


The former senator is guilty of “violations of duties” and offenses of resolutions contrary to the constitution, during the succession of Evo Morales, who resigned, according to the judges.

In this January 22, 2020 file photo, Bolivia's interim President, Jeanine ez, gives a speech during the celebration of the Day of the Plurinational State at Quemado Palace in La Paz.  Former Bolivian President Jeanine Aez was sentenced to 10 years in prison on June 10, 222 for an alleged plot to overthrow her rival and predecessor Evo Morales.
Bolivia’s former interim president, Jeanine ez.AFP
  • Bolivia Hours before the coup trial, former President Jeanine ez announced a hunger strike
  • profile ‘Angelina Jolie’ Jeanine ez of Bolivia’s Legislature

La Paz’s first sentencing court “justices” former president Jeanine ez, who has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after a row. trial full of irregularities, As for Bolivia’s judges, the succession of former senator resigned Evo Morales is guilty of offenses of “breach of duties” and resolutions contrary to the constitution, a process that involved the participation of the European Union, the United Nations and the United Nations. Bolivian Church.

Electoral fraud perpetrated by the ruling party, and unearthed by the Organization of American States (OAS), triggered an avalanche of civil protests in 2019, followed by a police stand-up in Cochabamba, which refused to quell the population . The distance of various public positions and the “recommendation” of military commanders to the leader of the indigenous revolution. Morales later fled to Argentina and Mexico.Which opened up the succession, which allowed ez, an unnamed opposition deputy, to reach the provisional presidency.

Former Commander Williams Kaliman, then Chief of Armed Forces and former Commander Yuri Calderon, Chief of Police, were also sentenced, although they have fled the country.

Initially, the accused of terrorism, treason and conspiracy could not even appear in ez court, because According to the judges there was a “flight risk”., “They have denied me the right to appear even at my trial, if it can be called this practice. They have denied me everything and treated me worse than anyone, but I was the constitutional president , am and will remain, assumed their duty after the flight of cowards”, defended the former president, who has repeatedly condemned the misbehavior.

The “coward” is former President Evo Morales, who showed his enthusiasm after hearing the sentence yesterday: “Despite the lies and actions that she was sick or about to die, Justice ruled that Anez and his allies attacked power with a coup, Ten years in prison is a gentle punishment for the damage done to democracy.”

The sentence against ez immediately provoked a carousel of condemnation and criticism “by using the slave justice system to convict a former constitutional president without evidence or guilt, in the face of one of the most infamous political crimes in Bolivia’s history.” A blow to democracy and the rule of law is shameful,” complained Carlos Mesa, the exact same former candidate against whom the 2019 election fraud was leveled.

One year tenure of ezThe pandemic, marked by several corruption scandals and internal conflicts of the opposition, eventually led to Towards Socialism Facilitates Return to Power (MAS), with Luis Arce at the top. The Indigenous Revolution is today the great continental ally of three Latin American dictators.

“He is being judged for a crime that hasn’t been committed. Historically, there is a history of constitutional presidential successions that have errors of form but which avoid bloody confrontations. The senator resigns in dominoes from other officials in a violent context.” Bolivia is today among the last 10 places in the world with a lack of judicial independence,” historian Lupe Cajías told EL Mundo, who sees the tug-of-war between the radical sectors of the MAS behind the sentence.

“Aez’s punishment is unacceptable not only because of her identity, because of a mestizo woman without power, but also because Politicization of Applied Justice in Latin America, There was a rift with the Brazilian Dilma Rousseff; With ez, silence. You don’t need to be sympathetic to be slandered. More human rights and less extremism and hegemonic cults,” protested historian Armando Chaguaceda, one of the continent’s leading experts on revolutions.

The coup plot in Bolivia has become one of the masterpieces of a coalition of populists, leftists and revolutionaries who call themselves the Great Homeland, aiming to recover the continental hegemony they already enjoyed during Hugo’s presidency. was. Chavez and Lula da Silva.

The last Argentine president to clarify this was Alberto Fernández, who during the US summit accused the OAS of being “gendarme” and behind a “coup d’état” in the Andean country. Punishment against ez is necessary to sustain the story Both lead the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), which intends to replace the OAS, and from the Puebla Group, one of the main Traitors of revolutions in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

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