Sentencing vote for Boris Johnson in UK municipal elections


The ‘Tories’ lost around 350 councillors, while Sinn Féin emerged as the winner in Northern Ireland.

'Premier' Boris Johnson greets the press in London yesterday after the vote.
‘Premier’ Boris Johnson greets the press in London yesterday after the vote.AP
  • Election Brexit exacerbates federalism crisis in Ulster
  • United Kingdom Dispute between DUP and Sinn Féin prevents appointment of new Chief Minister of Northern Ireland

Boris Johnson has received a serious “penalty vote” in 5M local elections, with Loss of about 350 councilors across the country and Lost in London’s ‘Tories’ strongholdsLike Westminster. The Conservative Party won 30% of the vote compared to 35% for Keir Starmer’s Labor Party, which, according to ‘Electoral Calculus’ estimates, will prevail in the general election today.

In the Northern Ireland Assembly, meanwhile, estimates gave the winner Sinn Féin, the Nationalist Party’s first victory over federalist forces in a century, With 24 of the 90 seats awarded, Sinn Féin took 16 seats compared to two from the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and two from the Alliance Party, emerging as the third force in Ulster and a “non-sectarian” alternative. Is.

boris johnson For his part, he endured the wrath of local conservative candidates, who avoided using his image during the campaign for fear of voter discontent with his administration. ,There is huge opposition to ‘Premier’ not only because of ‘Partygate’ and its lack of integrity, But because of their inability to cope with the rising cost of living,” said local leader of the ‘Tories’ in Cumberland, John Malison, where the party lost 14 of the 12 councilors won by the Labor Party, which assumed control. of the city council.

“I would ask ‘Premier’ to take a good look in the mirror and admit that the results have been extremely disappointing,” said Simon Bosher, leader of the Conservative group in Portsmouth. “Clearly Johnson has tough questions to answer,” said Ruislip MP David Simmonds. MP Roger Gayle, who handed over the letter Called for censure motion and withdrew it because of Ukraine warwarns that results may come in motion “An Unstoppable Tide” for Conservative Leader’s Change,

Johnson has bowled wides from the start, though things get more complicated for him during the day. The ‘Premier’ acknowledged that it has been a “tough night” in some places, but warned that the results were “various” and not exactly the apocalypse as some predicted. “We are in the middle of a mandate and this is something normal”Said.

The loss of its traditional districts in London such as Wandsworth, Barnet or Westminster (for the first time since 1964) has sounded the alarm in the morning. During the day it has been confirmed “Resettlement” by labor in the disputed areas of the “Red Strip” Like Cumberland or Rosendale.

Labor’s recovery was not as great in the end, with a gain of 209 councillors, but it has held counterpoint, with 166 new councillors rising from the ashes of the Liberal Democrat Party in the South of England. The ‘Tories’ are also drowned in local elections in Wales and ScotlandWhere the Labor Party would achieve its status as the second political force after the Scottish National Party (SNP).

Therefore, projecting the results at the national level would give victory to the Labor Party (35% and 294 seats), the Conservative Party going to the “opposition” (30% and 251 seats) and the E.l The Liberal-Democratic Party is returning to function as “Kaz”. (19% and 35 seats) thanks to the dissent vote and the long-term work of its leader, Ed Davey. Even so, the majority would be far from Labour, and a “hanging” parliament would most likely be the case.

“It is by no means an election result that would lead me to bet on Keir Starmer as the next prime minister,” warned University of Liverpool analyst Jonathan Tung. “But the truth is, the Conservatives are in serious trouble and have a lot of work ahead of them if they don’t want to lose their majority.”

In Northern Ireland, everything, meanwhile, points to the historic bell of Sinn Féin, which would have broken the hegemony of the Unionist parties that had been built for a century. Nationalist leader Michelle O’Neill, the daughter of an IRA militant, has every chance of becoming Ulster’s next prime minister.

The call for a “useful vote” by Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) leader Jeffrey Donaldson has fallen on deaf ears, as have his allegations against Irish protocol. Federalists divided into four parties could collectively boycott government formation of “Sharing Power” established by the Good Friday Peace Agreement.

The second big winner of the night in Belfast was naomi longLeader of the Alliance Party, Joe will reinvent itself as the third political force Beyond the traditional divide between Catholics and Protestants. Belfast’s results will have a profound effect on London as well. The Secretary for Northern Ireland, Brendin Lewis, has acknowledged that the government does not intend to break decks with the European Union in light of the election results, which could give a majority to the parties in favor of the protocol (which creates) hard limits on land. The closest thing to customs in the Irish Sea to avoid going back to.

However, Johnson’s biggest challenges in the days ahead will be his own party’s response to the ‘Tories’ shock in much of the country and his sure defeat of the electoral “pulling” among the British. Dozens of public representatives had suspended their support for the censure motion until the election results. Which could prove to be a turning point in the Johnson government.

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