Separatist maneuver to avoid 25% of Castilians: Junts refuses to support it


Legal reform can still go ahead with ERC, PSC and K votes GeneralBut Aragon must admit it with its back to its allies

President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragon
President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragon.EFE

An attempt by separatist forces to approve a legal reform fails in a desperate attempt to overturn Catalonia’s Superior Court of Justice (TSJC) order to impose 25% of classes in Spanish within 15 days.

Junts has refused to participate in the revision of the Language Policy Act, which was initially agreed with the ERC, PSC and. General And from which it later distanced itself from the fierce reaction of the most radical sectors of separatism – at the head of the language for the platform – which rejected a vague allusion to Spanish introduced by the socialists in the text.

dissolution of new convergence The agreement caused the paralysis of ratification, which was registered in parliament but never voted on. However, after the TSJC continued talks on Tuesday in which it gave the government an ultimatum to execute its sentence in a maximum of two weeks, the ERC reactivated the move. own Peter Aragons He urged Junts to join the linguistic tripartite yesterday that Republicans form with the Catalan brand of Podemos and Salvador Ila’s deputy, but his government partner this Thursday has definitively rejected it. After completing his management, Junts has certainly slammed the door for participating in legal reform, alleging that it lacks the concurrence of the educational sector and the institutions protecting the Catalan-playing field of spies. In clear context—and it is not relied upon either—that the argument would prevent the TSJC from ordering the enforcement of the sentence.

Convergncia’s heirs argue with arguments that the High Court was already aware of the existence of amendments to the Law on Language Policy, when the day before yesterday it ordered the Generalitat to comply with certainty. And that is because, weeks ago, the government sent a letter to the TSJC in which it assured that this future regulatory amendment would make immersion more flexible and comply with the regime.

Faced with this scenario, Aragon has two options: to bury the reform of the language policy law due to a lack of consensus to take it forward, or to do it without the participation of its partner in government since the ERC votes. giving permission. General And the text will be enough for the PSC Parliament to see the light of day. The leaders of Podemos’ regional division, Jessica Albiach, and Ila have both guaranteed their support for Aragon, so the final decision depends on whether PresidentThat if they opted for this alliance, they would bet on a reform of the immersion without the approval of any other separatist party, as the CUP also refuses to support the agreement.

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