Series about intimacy, sex videos and photos you’ll want to watch till the end


netflix new star series privacyA drama about women who suffer after their private videos appear.

Intimacy, v.  series about
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privacy Most viewed on Netflix, This recently released on-stage theatrical series portrays a reality that no one wants to see…unless it touches them up close. You It talks about a number of issues that make it a complex production full of edges.

is any person Put your sex life in the public domain, how far facing the eyes of others When do they know they’ve seen you more than you expected? These questions and many others hover over a Spanish production in which He gets in trouble when intimate photos and videos of two women are published.

Malen (Itzier Itu
Malen (Itziar Ituo) is the deputy mayor of Bilbao.

two women, two worlds

Malen Zubirik (Itziar Ituo, the money heist) Is Deputy Mayor of Bilbao, His future plans include running for mayor. But suddenly, something spoils their plans. and many more. broadcasting a video of her making love on the beach with someone other than her husband It passes over him and changes his life completely.

on the other hand we find Ana Uribe (Vernica Echegui, once demonstrating his great ability to act with a different accent). This woman working in a factory starts seeing strange behavior among her colleagues. She doesn’t know what’s going on, but she suspects something is wrong. The Reason? A video and some risky pictures of it They have spread like wildfire and someone has put them on notice.

Without going into further detail of the plot, we should state that The selection of these two characters for the story does not seem accidental., One is a public figure and the other is not; One becomes strong before public opinion, the other collapses; One has support, the other looks very lonely and torn. two situations that Give examples of several reactions that such an event Usually causes in the victims.

Anna (see
Ana (Vernica Achegui) is one of the victims.

suffer first

anger, fear, shame and guilt There are some sensations experienced by these two main characters. But, as everything doesn’t begin and end with Ana and Maleen, here we discover that family, friends, and co-workers have much more to contribute. Apart from those who mock and use these attacks on privacy to take advantage ofThere are many more characters that contribute greatly to the plot.

it is a matter Alicia (Anna Wagner) The police are probing these cyber crimes and that shows the human face of the security forces. or sister Ana (Patricia Lopez Arnaz)who fights beyond the ordinary for him; Malen’s assistant (Francesco Carril) that he remained faithful to her in spite of the circumstances; Malene’s Boss (Emma Suarez) Or the respective companions of two victims, who suffer for them and their little ones.

Sincerely.  Dacha., see
Sincerely. a dcha., Vernica Echegui, Patricia Lepez Arniz, Itziar Ituo, Yune Nogiras, Ana Wagner and Emma Suarez.

Producer Team

George Torregrosa is one of the directors of this series created by paint fernandez ,hospital central, Tell me) You Laura Sarmiento ,isabelle), two of the greatest figures of recent Spanish television fiction. three respected personalities Which made the story so complicated The evil that can create social networks…when man forgets morality and respect.

of leisurely paceThis eight-part story set in Bilbao has echoes of several Scandinavian police thrillers, including borgen for its political impact, and is consistent with the recent Everyone lies For the issue of privacy. simultaneously, He avoids morbidity when it comes to blackmailing him for sex videos, spending a lot of time reflecting on how this fact affects the environment around the victims. And emphasizing on the very masculine behavior that still exists in today’s society.

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