Seven Italians (new and others already classic) will always be on the radar

Thursday June 2 is the day of the Republic of ItalyAnd what better way to join in the festivities than to enjoy its gastronomy, one of the most popular in the world and Madrid has a good number of representatives of the city’s vast and versatile cuisine. nonna And this Mother, the real embassies are-and with solitude- en la capitol, as from Giuseppina d’Ignazio Dias; Don Giovanni d’Andrea Tumbarello; Piperna di Nello de Biase; Award winning Fournaria Ballar d’Angelo Marino… and contemporary batches, whether in traditional keys, new quos or writers, or equidistantas: V, the Figurd Brothers, Bel Mondo, Il Colombo, Sotosopra, El Bacaro de Fabio Gasparini or Focacha, The trattoria Where Csar Martn (Lakasa) reinterprets the popular Italian recipe.

The list does not end, otherwise have a look at them Restaurant, Some new and others already with weight and settled in the capital lands, and delved into the cuisine of the Transalpine country.

Spaghetti Carbonara at Casa Isabella.
Spaghetti Carbonara at Casa Isabella.

Isabella House

We start with one of the last dining rooms to add to the payroll. Barcelona Group Specialized in Italian Gastronomy-Land in Isabella-Madrid, in the Salamanca district, with a proposal that revolves around the cuisine of the market, raw materials brought largely from the Transalpine country, and with Mediterranean influences. And this concept, housed in a beautiful three-story building, with five spaces dedicated (from the kitchen to the room-passing terrace) for diners to enjoy? take note: Penne All’Arabiata or Vodka; Pacheri with Tomato, Albahaca and Mozzarella; Spaghetti with Centolo; berenzenas a la parmesanCaponata siciliana … direction: Puigsard, 4. Phone: 91 954 69 54.

In the pasta dish, pante.
In the pasta dish, pante.


We continue on to this beautiful dining room in the Salamanca district, very close to Retiro that For the past three years, it has been bringing a unique proposition based on the Pantelleria recipe book to your table. (Pantelleria, in Italian), that small island of Sicily. With the first class, in many cases imported directly from the call black pearl of the mediterranean sea, Chef Manfredi Bosco remains faithful to tradition, giving it a contemporary touch, It’s Almost Mandatory to Try Cavatelli Here for the ideal (fresh pasta with homemade Sicilian Pacino cherry tomato sauce, fried aubergine and salted ricotta), carbonara al tartufo nero (with rigatoni, guanciale di norcia and black truffle), cotoletta pentesca (a type of veal Milanese) or island The traditional dessert of Baccio Pentesco (puff pastry with lemon ricotta and chocolate drizzles).

Another strong point of the concept is Carpaccio Bar, The eight dishes are “fresh, light, with the least amount of detail possible so that the product stands out even more”, explains Alessandro Luchetti, who is the project ideologue with Daniel Cabezas and Antonio Facco, It is divided into three sections: Vegetables (for example, Portobello Mushrooms with Toasted Almonds, Parmesan Flakes and Arugula Sauce), Meat (Rib-Eye Roast Beef with Tonata Sauce and Grained Capers from Pantelleria, among others) and fish (wild sea bass with basil, lemon and pistachio sauce…) in the cellar, a wide selection of Italian wines as well as Spanish and French, and tall cocktail shaker And if your thing is an aperitif or an afternoon, its terrace is a good floor to back. direction: Villanueva, 21. Tel: 91 827 52 49. Average price: 40 euros.

Aubergine Parmigiana in Peppe Fusco.
Aubergine Parmigiana in Peppe Fusco.

pepe fusco

Behind this new space, where vegetation, wood and an industrial style go hand in hand, is a renowned Madrid restaurant company, Grupo Pulcinella (Ornella, Maruzella, Pulcinella, Entre Otros). In this restaurant – next to the intersection of Quevedo-coexistence, in a small menu, Popular dishes of Italian cuisine (Eggplant parmigiana; a creamy burrata; baked provola with San Marzano tomatoes; homemade pasta like spaghetti carbonara; light Roman-style sourdough pizza, don’t miss the truffle one!) not so famous with others, such as risotto allo zafrano e guancioto or spaghetti alla nerano. In the wine list, there are references only to Transalpine Country and some Champagne. directionAddress: Fuencaral, 139. Average price: 35 euros.

Mezemaniche 'Alla Carbonara', en Toto
Mezemaniche ‘Alla Carbonara’ at Tot Madrid.

tot madrid

It’s only been open two months and it’s already One of the most wanted dining rooms in the capital due to the work and grace of Mabel Hospitality, a group that counts Rafael Nadal among its partners. Located very close to its older brother (Tatel), it is inspired by the Golden Age of Decor Italian Cinema of the 50s and 60s And all this is a tribute to the hero of the legendary film heaven cinema, in cooking, Traditional Italian cuisine with top products (organic and local too): classic pasta, fresh vegetables, Traditional pottery stew, meat and fish and wines (national and international, especially from Transalpine countries). Parmigiana di Melanzene, from the heart of Sicily, is essential; Vitello Tonnato; Baked Beef Ravioli with Roasted Butter and SalviA, arugula and red mullet pizza or their interpretation of the classic tiramisu. They also have a diverse offering of wines and cocktails. direction: Paseo de la Castellana, 38. Average price: 45-55 euros.

Capellatti Rellenos de Ibo
Cappelletti Stuffed with Iberian Ham and Forest Mushroom Cream at Gioia.


David Bonato jumps in joy ,gioia in Italian) in this Chueca dining room, which Starting this month of June with news: On the one hand, the space has been renovated; On the other hand, the gastronomic offer brings some hand change from the tasting menu. otsukeresama (Updated Piedmontese cuisine with reference to the former. Price: 65 euros). However Bonato remains faithful to the spirit that brought him fame: Classic, updated and author recipes. you have stars on your chart soft egg (eggs cooked in brown rice flour, potato cream, truffles, boletus and crispy Iberian ham), yours soon (Low temp, tuna, capers, anchovies from Santa Rosala) and Cubes of Wagyu from Artisan Pasta. Of these, be sure to check out the red and white meat-filled ravioli; spaghetti on guitar (with guanciale, air of pecorino cheese, low-temperature poached egg and chunks of charcoal and pepper) and more carbonara and cappelli, dumpling style, stuffed with Iberian ham, forest mushroom cream, shimeji, pak-choi and parmigiano air, Menu for truffle fans red (85 euros). direction: San Bartolomé, 23. Tel: 91 521 55 47. Average price: 45 euros.

Fresh pasta, actually.
Fresh pasta, actually.


E . is located inThe Food Hall of El Exclusive Galera CanalejasNew concept, a few steps from Puerta del Sol Davanti bets on the group’s ever-present traditional Italian cuisineHomemade, but with a touch of elegance and brought into the 21st century. The second pillar of the offer is first-class raw materials, with products from the Transalpine country. Its varied menu a . starts with Beginner’s detailed chapter, From Mortadella di Bologna tartufta to fried zucchini florets stuffed with asiago, a cheese typical of northern Italy, passing through Vitello Tonato and Culatello, a unique pork sausage served with freshly baked focaccia. Its diverse offering of pasta and rice dishes, first and foremost, and pizza are essential. In main courses, beef tenderloin in red wine sauce with glazed shallots and herb-flavored potatoes and low-temperature cod fillet and butter with milk cream and anchovies are two good choices. direction: Food Hall of Galera Canalegus, Alcal 12. Tel: 91 7 65 99 51.

to select
Pizza selection at Napoli Gang.

Naples Ganges

we close with The latest pizzeria opened very close to the Teatro Real, that, after being born as Big Mamma Group’s Delivery Brand -These are the successful Bel Mondo and Villa Capri restaurants-, it has just opened in restaurant mode. with fun decorations, youth and something Wicked, This is a pizzeria in the purest neighborhood style, whose menu has been Designed by Chef Emanuele Tripodi with Italian and local products, there is no shortage of antipastiBurrata, homemade sweets from Puglia and Pizza, Lots of Pizza: From Classic Margherita and Marinara to You Turn Me On. until (Who salute and garam masala naduja), calzone pugliese (fried with San Marzano tomato sauce) and other limited editions, for example, the one in the traditional style, with potatoes, brava sauce, chistorra sausage, and aioli. Price: from 8 euros. direction: Santa Clara, 10.

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