Several activists were trapped after a stage of the O Son do Cameo festival collapsed


Several emergency resources have been mobilized to rescue workers working on the structure’s assembly in Santiago de Compostela

Image of collapsed stage.
Image of collapsed stage.EM
  • culture The biggest concert in the Galician capital in the past, ‘O son do cameo’

Several activists are trapped in the remains of a stage from the O Son do Cameo music festival in Santiago de Compostela.

The incident happened this Friday afternoon during the assembly process of the structure. A part of the platform collapsed and the workers were trapped, so several emergency tools have been mobilized for rescue.

According to the first information reported by the emergency services, there are at least five injured workers, although the data is still very early, as rescue work is just getting started.

Ambulances displaced from place to place have started the work of evacuating those previously rescued

In Monte do Gozo, on the outskirts of Santiago de Compostela, the demolition of the structure of what will be the main stage of the festivities, to be held next week between June 16 and 18, was demolished.

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