Several injured in shooting at Buffalo supermarket


The attacker, whose identity has not been released, has been arrested after firing 20 to 30 shots at a Topps supermarket

Security forces at the entrance of the supermarket where the firing took place.
Security forces at the entrance of the supermarket where the firing took place.Joshua BessexAP
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Several people have been injured in a shooting at a supermarket in a US city Buffalo (New York)According to the local police, who announced that the attacker has been arrested.

According to a short message from Police Department of the city, the incident took place in supermarket topsA city in the far north of the state, near downtown Buffalo New York,

“Several people have been hit by bullets. Shooter is in custody,” police wrote in a Twitter message without giving details of their number or location. The identity of the arrested suspect has also not been released.

Governor of New York, Jethi Hochuluhas written a tweet assuring that it is closely watching what happened and has offered support to the local forces. However, the person in charge did not give further details.

According to an eyewitness quoted by channel ABC7, between 20 and 30 shots were heard.

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