Shakira to face prison sentence for defrauding 14.5 million euros


The Barcelona court rejected the singer’s appeal and said that she should be tried for crimes against the tax agency

Shakira and Cannes
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  • Courts Shakira pays 300,000 euros more to the Treasury after a deal disagreement

Shakira She will sit on the bench accused of various offenses of tax fraud and face a jail term. decision of Court of Barcelona Inquiry Court No. 2. To dismiss the singer’s appeal against the resolution of espelgues de lobregat The year 2012, 2013 and 2014 to prosecute him for allegedly defrauding the treasury of more than 14 million euros, leaves him one step away from trial. indicates everything fiscalAnyone who filed a complaint against the singer who initiated the judicial inquiry would request a prison sentence and a fine, although the years of imprisonment requested still need to be specified.

For some time, the Barcelona Court supported the court’s decision, providing evidence that singer and her tax advisor committed these offenses assuming that Shakira had spent more than 183 days between 2012 and 2014 Spain and for that reason it has to pay taxes before the treasury established by rules. The prosecutor’s office believes the singer allegedly failed to comply with her tax obligations on personal income tax and property tax while maintaining a corporate network to pay low taxes. So he blames his advisor as well.

In this sense, the Treasury and the Prosecutor’s Office believe that in 2012 the singer had a residence in Spain as she began her relationship with Barra’s protector. Gerard Piku Despite the fact that she made professional trips around the world, although the singer’s lawyers presented a certificate of residence Bahamas Permanent till 2015. To argue this presence of the Colombian singer in our country, his use of social networks, bills or credit cards are tracked.

The prosecutor’s office believes that Shakira allegedly avoided paying taxes to the Treasury by pretending not to live in this country and concealing her income through corporate networks located in tax havens, such as British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Malta, Panama You Luxembourg With which he transmitted the benefits of his professional activity. For this reason, he accuses Singer and his tax advisor of creating a “scheme” to avoid paying personal income tax or property tax to the tax agency, hiding his income in tax havens at these companies. Thus he would have allegedly committed six crimes, so the prison sentence requested would be higher.

In total, the prosecutor estimated that 12.3 million amount Shakira had to pay to the tax agency for personal income tax for 2012, 2013 and 2014 and about 2.2 million amount she would have to pay. Catalonia Tax Agency For the legacy that he had dealt with in those years.

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Knowing the decision of the Court of Barcelona, legal team De Shakira remarked that the order “does not assess whether there was tax fraud, nor does it disprove the arguments raised by the defence. It merely allows the parties to present their allegations at a procedural moment other than the current one.” asks to present it, and this party will proceed like this.”

Furthermore, they insist that the appeal is “just one more step in the process”, so for now they will continue to “defend the innocence” of the singer, adding “weighty legal arguments, verifiable evidence and expert reports from renowned professionals.” through the presentation of”. Reputation in the tax field (since he is a professor and a magistrate) Supreme court), who support the position of defence”.

“Shakira’s conduct in tax matters has always been impeccable in all the countries in which she has had to pay taxes, and she has faithfully and faithfully followed the norms of the best experts and expert advisors. It should also be remembered that no one The debt is not with the Spanish Treasury, since it proceeded to pay the amount, as soon as it knew the amount, according to the Spanish Tax Agency, should be paid”, concluded the singer’s lawyers.

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