Shooting in Uvalde: “Parents were ready to enter the school because the SWOT team did not come”

Witnesses to the tragedy criticized that the elite group took the time to neutralize the shooter, who protested for more than an hour.

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A woman holds flowers on a cross for the victims of Uvalde.AFP


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The number of children killed in Tuesday’s shooting in Uvalde, Texas, could have been less if police had intervened faster and more decisively. it is the feeling that after ruling in this rural town in the west of the country Authorities confirmed that the shooter, an 18-year-old boy identified as Salvador Ramos, spent nearly an hour inside the school, where he killed 19 children and two teachers, in addition to wounding 17 others . Early reports from several US media pointed to the half-hour the killer might have spent sneaking into a single square.

John CarranzaA witness who arrived at the scene soon after told the AP agency that Several women pleaded with the police to arrest Ramos., “Come over there,” he said, but still didn’t react, according to Carranza, 24.

Matilda and Daniel Myers He also saw how much terror Ramos had sowed in the school and how long it took the officers to neutralize the shooter. “There were parents willing to enter because the SWAT team (the specialized police group in high-risk situations) did not come”Myers, a local pastor. “Then they started coming, later.”

His wife, Matilde, a pastor who has been a resident of Uvalde for 12 years, agrees. “We arrived half an hour after everything started and the police told us that the shooter had kidnapped the kids along with the teacher, so they were all alive,” he says. “If they were hostages why did it take so long? After a long time they told us what had happened, maybe an hour and a half later. He never explained why it took so long for those security forces to enter the school.

one more of them, Derek Sotello26, who heard shots fired from his tire shop, angrily recalled what had happened. “They were all angry”said to the new York Times, “We were thinking: What’s up? Are they going to come in or not? Give me the (bulletproof) vest, I’m going in!”, Some neighbors have accused the police of being “cowards”.

For now, Border Patrol agents present at the time of the massacre have defended themselves by indicating that their agents “did not hesitate to act.” One of the police chiefs, Ral Ortiz, said that “He entered the classroom and handled the situation as quickly as possible”, Ramos was inside the school for 40 minutes to an hour, which was confirmed by Texas Department of Public Safety director Steven McGraw, indicating otherwise.

Ramos drove to his old school by driving his grandmother’s car, which crashed into a nearby ditch, before entering the school premises without resistance, despite previous reports that a police officer tried to stop him when he came armed. The agent in question was assigned to the center, Rob Elementary School, but was in his car nearby and was one of the first to arrive after receiving a call from the emergency service.

Ramos managed to break into a classroom and kill 19 children and two teachers. Contrary to what was said at the beginning, Most of the students died in the first minutes of the shootingA tragedy that provoked an immediate reaction from President Joe Biden, who was returning from a tour of Asia, and who would travel to Uvalde to console the victims’ relatives.

Despite his words urging changes to the regulation of arms sales, the mission in Washington seems complicated. Republican senators yesterday blocked legislation seeking to combat “domestic terrorism” Sponsored by the Democratic Caucus. The measure came in the Senate after the May 14 massacre by an 18-year-old man at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, a massacre that claimed the lives of 10 African Americans. The shooter is a supporter of white supremacist principles.

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