Sibels excited after Real Madrid’s 14th Champions League: “We are the kings of Europe”


The square fills with fans as the final ends: “This Champions League has been all suffering”

Real Madrid fans celebrate Champions League No. 14 in Sibels.
Real Madrid fans celebrate Champions League No. 14 in Sibels.Sergio PerezEFE

With the final whistle at the Stade de France, the party was immediate. Real Madrid beat Liverpool 1-0. Winning Your Champions No. 14 And, following the tradition, hundreds of Madridists began to descend in Sibels.

“We are the kings of Europe”, shouted the four friends, among the first to come to this central square, which soon became full of curious and amateurs, “It is suffering enough, but we already have… another one,” said a young man leaning over the fence of isolation.

Nearby, Ivan of Zaragoza announces himself by kneeling in front of telemadrid cameras to a Mexican student. ,i have to ask my boyfriendwho lives in Germany”, replied the girl. And, with good humour, she accepted to refuse the heroic attempt.

Madrid The mild temperature of the night invited us to go out into the street. Screams and chants put out the soundtrack for a festival in which the most chanted name was courtois, The Belgian goalkeeper, MVP for fans thanks to his thrift savings, conquered Madrid’s hearts and proclamations. “I don’t care if I lose my voice, Monday Telecom”Another young man, half-trapped, said the result of an early celebration bathed in alcohol.

Hundreds of Madrid fans in Cibeles.
Hundreds of Madrid fans in Cibeles.Sergio PerezEFE

viniciusto your goal, and valverdeHe was also remembered for his physical labor in this party. blanca, As was the case after winning the league a few weeks ago, the vast majority of attendees did not want to miss the opportunity. immortalize the momentMobile in hand, video recording and doing selfies Next to the goddess Sibels.

“You don’t suffer from Madrid, I was sure we would win,” said a veteran wearing a Madridista jersey. Although his calmness was not shared by most of the attendees, who recognized the champions “It’s all been suffering”: “PSG, Chelsea, City… and now Liverpool. It’s been very tough, we’ve had a very bad time… but now it’s time to enjoy it.”

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