Siemens climbs 11% on Ibex after confirming it will buy Gamesa . is studying an exclusion bid on

After the temporary suspension of listing


“Siemens Angry AG confirms that its management team is considering a cash offer with the intention of exiting the listed company,” the company confirmed to CNMV.

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the title of Siemens Games have climbed above 11% after returning to the floor National Securities Markets Commission (CNMV) has temporarily suspended its listing before the start of the season. The reason for this should be found in the intention of Siemens Energy, its largest shareholder, to launch a cash public takeover bid (OPA) to exclude all shares of Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy from listing.

“Siemens Angeri AG confirms that its management team is considering a public offer for the cash acquisition of all shares of Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy SA with the intention of exiting the listed company”, the company told CNMV. informed in. advanced by bloomberg,

The company also assures that “the result of the said analysis is still open. No decision has been made and there is no certainty that the operation will materialize.”

Following the statement and the subsequent lifting of the suspension, the company’s shares have been pegged at 15.8 euros in the early stages of the session, up 11.8% from Tuesday’s close.

His stretch leads the lead in the IBEX 35, which advanced about 0.5% this Wednesday and rose slightly above the 8,500 mark. Siemens is behind the games natural (+4,7%), solaria (+3,3%) Y caxabank (+1.7%), while Indra (-1.45%) and the tourism sector have the worst values ​​among the select.

The behavior of the rest of the European stock markets is almost flat while the market roughThe price of a barrel of Brent (reference in Europe) increased by 0.5%, to $112, compared to 0.79% earned by WTI (reference in the US), up to 110 greenbacks.

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