Sinn Fein’s historic victory ends federalist hegemony in Northern Ireland


Michelle O’Neill has reached out to all parties, including federalists, in trying to form a “power-sharing” government.

Sinn Finn leader Michel Onil celebrates the results.Paul FaithAFP

sinn fin upheld expectations and ended federalist hegemony Northern Ireland, The provisional count gave the Nationalist Party as the winner, which for decades was regarded as the political wing IRAWith 29% of “first priority” compared to 21% of Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and 13% coalition partywhich is cementing itself as a third political force and a “non-sectarian” alternative Ulster,

“People have voted for parties that have shown willingness to work together,” remarked the Sinn Finn local leader, Michelle Onili, as it passed through the Titanic complex in Belfast where the count was done. “This is a historic result for us, in which practical solutions to the problems of Northern Ireland have also triumphed over rhetoric.”

O’Neill called on all parties, including the federalists, to attempt to form a government of “shared power”. good friday peace agreement, DUP leader, Jeffrey DonaldsonHowever, he has speculated that his party has no intention of joining the executive, as he is facing opposition. Ireland Protocol,

The defeat of the DUP, the supremacist party taking over over the past two decades from the more liberal UUP (Ulster Unionist Party), has created a deep crisis among unionist forces, which have been increasingly fragmented and divided since the end of the rebellion. . Brexit,

in new stormmont assemblyWith 90 deputies, parties to the Irish Protocol (which makes it the closest thing to an internal customs office in the United Kingdom to prevent withdrawal at the “tough” border) can actually form a new majority, which the British government can do. controversial position.

Northern Ireland Secretary, Brendin Lewisactually believed that boris johnson As anticipated, it does not intend to break decks with the European Union at the moment. London tries to persuade federalist forces to participate in the new local government, but the DUP is expected to try to force change as well. 1998 peace agreementWhich could have fueled the outbreak of communal clashes and violence on the streets of Belfast a year ago.

All the spotlights on Friday pointed in any case to Michel O’Neill, the most likely future prime minister who was shelved by Mary Lou McDonaldSinn Finn national leader, who traveled from Dublin to attend the ceremony in Belfast. In just two years, the Nationalist Party has completed a “double” and is already the force with the most votes on both sides of the border.

Despite promises to promote a referendum on the island’s reunification in this decade, Sinn Féin has left the so-called.border voting The campaign has focused on the two main concerns of Northern Irish – cost of living and health care – in the background and aimed at attracting liberal voters.

The other big winner of the night was the leader of the Alliance Party, naomi longWho has held the position of Minister of Justice over the past two years and who has grown in popularity for his unifying message, beyond the eternal conflict between Protestants and Catholics, and that has attracted young voters above all else.

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