Six cities evicted in Sierra de la Culebra fire in Zamoras


The fire declared at the Game Reserve on Wednesday night gets complicated tonight

zamora fire
Columns of smoke in the declared fire near the municipality of Riofro de Aliste in ZamorasMary A Montesinosjamora

Fire broke out in the game reserve on Wednesday night Sierra de la Culebrain the province of zamoraThis morning has been complicated and has forced the eviction of six towns in the area of ​​pine forests west of Zamora that forms part of Zamora. Meseta Ibrica Biosphere Reserve,

The forest fire extinguishing campaign by Junta de Castilla y León has increased the number of hectares burned to between 4,000 and 5,000. The rapid rise of the flames during the night has been attributed to strong winds reaching 40 kilometers per hour and the impossibility of aerial means as well as work on the affected surface, which has a pine canopy fire. Almost impossible to control.

Aerial means of extinction have been included in the task of dousing the flames. the fire continues level of danger From zero to three on an ascending scale.

In addition, the highway of the regional network remains closed. ZA-912 and two from Zamora province, and the fire continues to affect traffic on highways national 631 You National 122,

six villages evicted

Early in the morning, as the flames rose and the situation was compounded by the wind, it became necessary to evacuate residents Eliste Cabins, cave palace, Towers of Eliste, city ​​of eleste, Mahde You San Pedro de las HerrerassoAs reported by the Regional Representative of Junta de Castilla y Leon In Zamora, Clara San Damin,

The eviction took place around 5 am and most of the evicted people have moved to the city. Alcaiceswhere 400 to 500 people spent the night in the sports pavilionAs the mayor of Alcaise explained to Efe, Jess LorenzoThose who have indicated that they have been provided with blankets, chairs and water.

Residents of Mahde, Las Torres de Aliste, Pobladura de Aliste and San Pedro de las Herreras spent the night in Alcaís, staying on shore until the first hours of the evacuation until they were reassured after informing them of the coordination of the evacuation operation. Extinction that the situation in the urban centers was controlled, the mayor of the municipality explained.

a member of Red Cross To serve the migrants.

until riofro de aliste Inhabitant of Cabas de Aliste, a district of 70 registered residents Belonging to the Riofro de Aliste town council, which also includes Saracán de Aliste, one of the towns affected by the fire, but which was not to be evacuated.

For their part, the residents of San Pedro de las Herreras and Palazuelo de las Cuevas were relocated to the multipurpose pavilion villardicervoswhere they have passed since five in the morning about thirty neighbors Of these towns, as explained by the mayor of Villardervos, lorenzo gymnezowho has offered drink and shelter to members of the eviction Red Cross who are taking care of the care of the displaced.

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